Glen Wakeman was born in 1968. He is the founder and the chief executive officer of LaunchPad holdings where he is also a co-founder. He studied at the University of Scranton between 1977 and 1981 where he graduated with a degree in Economics and Finance. He later joined The University of Chicago between 1991 and 1993 where he graduated with masters in business administration (Finance). He has a 20years experience in the financial world where he has worked in 32 countries and has lived in six of them.

Work experience


He is an investor, writer, and an entrepreneur with a lot of expertise in this industry. He has been a leader and has overseen businesses worth $15 billion, with over fifteen thousand employees. His main adventure is in integration, downsizing, acquisitions, start-ups, divestitures, exponential growth and new market entry.


Immediately after finishing his bachelor degree, he worked for GE Money for 20 years. During his tenure at GE, he worked in different capacities like the General Manager, Country Manager, and the Regional Manager. He got his experience and responsibility working in various departments. Among the departments that he worked on includes: Operations, Business Developments, operations. He spent 15 years working and living in Asia, Europe, and South America.


In 1999 he became the CEO of General Electric Consumer Finance a position he held until 2006 (Doral Financial Corp Names Glen Wakeman President). In 2006, he was appointed the CEO and the President of Dora Financial Corporation, where he worked for eight years. He was also a Board Member of the financial institution. He became the president of Dora Bank in 2008. The Board of directors of Dora corporation believed that his leadership and experience with the top financial institution would be a plus for the organization.


Currently, Glen Wakeman is the Chief Officer and the President of LaunchPad Holdings, LLC. This company provides business planning for young entrepreneurs who want to venture into business. They mainly advise on the early stages of entrepreneurial skills. Glen. Wakeman is also a blogger, he writes about emerging markets, leadership, global affairs, and business transformations. In his blogs, he gives advice on angel financing and strategies. Glen is passionate about innovations and growth. He mentors executives and advises start-ups businesses such as Dreamfund and Sitter Bees.

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Julia Jackson and Jackson Family Wines Is Bringing Family Business to a Whole New Level

Starting out at a very young age, Julia Jackson fell in love with the family business. She learned early on that it takes hard work to be successful and for this reason alone, Julia attended college and summer programs aimed at helping her to become successful in her family business. She attended Scripps College before going to a Stanford summer program.

Julia Jackson is the middle daughter of Barbara Banke and Jess Jackson. Her father and mother worked alongside of each other for many years. Julia started out within the company by being their spokesman for the Cambria Estates. She worked to deliver the importance of the family business. She works to be the next generation within the wine industry. Her family knows they have to reach out to all audiences in order for the business to be successful however they wish to do this without adhering to trendy labels and flavors.

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The Cambria Estate Winery first started in 1987. It was her mother that was drawn into the wine making business in the Santa Maria area. She seen the land in the area and knew that it had the potential to be a great breeding ground for various wines. It was her mother that gave her the incentive to be successful. For this reason, Cambria Seeds of Empowerment helps women in communities to be role models for the younger generation. It is important for those in the community to be equal and embody the various programs within their communities.

Julia and her sister are actively involved in the family business. Her mother is still in charge of the business as she oversees everything within the business while winemakers actively work to create the best wine out there. Most of the wine business is dominated by men however Julia and her family are working to bring more women into the business.

How George Soros is Fighting to Save America

The biggest boogeyman that Conservative media has ever seen is making his large stage return. George Soros, most well known for his work supporting Al Gore, has returned to mainstream politics after a protracted hiatus that saw the man work on his billion dollar investment firm while focusing on his philanthropic endeavors around the world. George Soros is one of the leading philanthropists in the world and his work with the Open Society Foundations has been cited as one of the cornerstones of democratic progress around the globe. Soros is a frequent soldier for progressive causes, democratic government, social justice and equality all around the world. Now, he is back to make sure that the GOPs Donald Trump doesn’t get what he wants.

The reason for George Soros’ return is pretty obvious: Donald J. Trump stands for everything that goes against George Soros and what he has dedicated his life to. Soros is a staunch advocate of equality, social justice, democracy and pushing to make the world a better place through grassroots political activism. None of those things belong in the modern GOP playbook. Soros was inspired to return from his hiatus due to the simple fact that trump’s rising populism was a direct threat to his life’s work and his hope to create a better world for people in the future. Know more on about George Soros.

Soros returned to the election campaign in order to help prop up Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton as well as the rest of the progressive down ticket options. Soros would go on to donate somewhere near $25 million to the various campaigns in order to help them catch up to the more free spending Republican counterparts. George Soros was particularly forceful in his spending in part because of his distaste of nominee Donald Trump. Soros, after citing trump’s fear mongering, called accused him simply of “Doing the work of ISIS.”

Of course, just because this is Soros’ big return to politics it doesn’t mean that he hasn’t been making himself known in other ways. Soros has been making a name for himself with the Open Society Foundations. His focus with Open Society has been to put funding in place for grassroots activists to start changing their communities through activism and mobilization. This, of course, has led Soros to helping push democracy in countries all around the globe while helping to fight for it here at home as well.

One such place that saw Soros’ make an impact was Ferguson, MO. Many people will remember the shooting of Michael Brown and the corresponding organized protests. These protests were thanks in large part to funding from Soros’ Open Society Foundations. Soros would donate nearly $30 million to the area to help fund grassroots activism and other such causes.

Aloha Construction’s New Brand is Booming

Aloha Construction has been in business since 2008 and, in that time, they have been able to see a lot of success with the options that they have available for their clients. They work with major brands and contractors to get the best experience possible and that has given them a chance to grow even more than what they did in the past. Aloha Construction is able to do more for their customers than most of the other companies that are located in Illinois and this has set them apart for many reasons. Since Aloha Construction first started, they have remained committed to the people who they are helping and that has allowed them the chance to make sure that they are doing everything they can to improve the experiences that people have when they are using a contractor. Aloha Construction rarely disappoints with the services that they offer.


Recently Aloha Construction started to test out the use of some new materials. They have found that these materials are higher quality than the other brand that they used in the past. By using these ones, they are setting up the stage to test out the things that they can do with their customers. They are hoping that doing this will give them the chance that they need to be able to continue offering their customers the best experience possible. With the tests that they are doing, Aloha Construction hopes to learn how the customers will react to the new materials.


As a general contracting company that is able to do many different types of work, Aloha Construction knows what they are doing and promotes all of the opportunities that they have for other people. They want to show people what they are capable of doing and that is something that is going to set them apart from other construction companies. Since they first opened, they have made a huge name for themselves in the Northern Illinois area. Now, with new offices opening up, they are prepared to be able to serve all of Illinois and a small portion of Wisconsin.



Securus Technologies’ Solutions Are Revolutionizing Crime Prevention

Securus Technologies is a leading tech company providing security services to correctional facilities and other justice-administering systems. Securus entered the industry in 2004 following a successful merger between Evercom and T-Netix. Three years later it became a leading international brand in offender management systems. It provides an array of services including parolee tracking, information management, and inmate communication solutions. It has its headquarter in Dallas Texas with regional offices in Atlanta Georgia and four others in Dallas Metro area.


Since it began operations, the company has acquired nine different companies to improve its service delivery. The companies include Primonics, DirectHit Systems, Archonix Systems, Satellite Tracking of People, Telerus and JLG Technologies. Guarded Exchange, Cellblox, and Jpay are also some of the organizations that the firm acquired recently. Besides, buying other business, it has partnered with other agencies such as Harris Corporation. The two companies partner in 2016 to develop “Cell Defender” technology.

Over the years Securus Technologies has specialized in tailoring its solutions to meet specific needs of correctional facilities and crime control agencies in different communities. As a result, it develops new products on a weekly basis. Currently, it serves over 2600 correctional facilities across 45 states in the US and more than one million inmates. It has as well expanded its customer base to Mexico, District of Columbia and Canada.


Securus Technologies products have registered high customer satisfaction rates, and it enjoys tremendous positive feedback through letters and emails. Its call monitoring service is one of the most appreciated products. Crime prevention agencies have used it in investigations to follow suspects and stop many crimes. In prisons, the system has been used to monitor drug selling and abuse in the facilities as well as suspicious conversations.


Location-Based Software is another product that law enforcers have found beneficial in their line of duty. By using LBS in conjunction with other software such as Investigator Pro, they have recovered assets, cash and drugs worth millions. THREADS and Inmate Table Project are other revolutionary solutions that Securus Technologies have developed. The tablet is loved by the inmates and the correctional facilities officers alike. Through the tablets, Securus has improved safety within the facilities by providing a communication tracking tool in the form of a handset that the inmates enjoy using.


The cutting-edge technologies have made Securus a company of choice for many correctional facilities in the US. However, the company has greater plans. Its vision is to continue assessing and developing solutions that will make investigations easier. Wireless Containment Solution is its latest product launched in 2017 that prevents fake phones from using mobile networks. Its aggressive commitment to transform the incarceration sector and enhance public safety has earned Securus support from many stakeholders in crime prevention.



The Bumble CEO Whitney Wolfe Gets A Lot Of Praise

The Bumble is catering to everyone. It doesn’t matter if you are part of the LGBT or heterosexual community, there is something available for you with the Bumble app. Matches are set to expire without the course of 24 hours. This is the exciting part of the deal. It makes people stay engaged with the app. Whitney Wolfe knew that this was going to be one of the best ways to keep people attentive to the app.

So many people will sign up for dating apps, and but many people simply do not take the time to stay connected. They do not check the apps regularly. This is what causes a lot of trouble. The Bumble app has managed to become a leader in the app industry, and more people are impressed with the way that dating has changed. Whitney Wolfe has done a great job of building curiosity about the dating app. She did not want to create the same old app over and over again. She is the person that has allowed people to look at the dating world as something completely different.

The thing that Whitney Wolfe wanted to do was create an app that was safer for women. She had an interest in an anti-bullying app when she originally left Tinder, but she decided to focus on dating apps again. This time Whitney Wolfe took more time to look at the role that she could play in social media in general. She wanted a completely new way to build her business. This is the reason that she has become such a big fan of branching out. There are business apps and friendship apps that have come through the Bumble company. This is the way that Whitney Wolfe has managed to thrive in such a short time frame.

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Brian Bonar Opens a New Restaurant

An article on BitsyLink, All About Brian Bonar, Leader and Executive, describes the life and business sense of Brian Bonar. In the article it says, he has a lot of experience running successful companies, like Dalrada Financial and Trucept. Bonar earned his B.A., in technical engineering, from James Watt Technical College, and his master’s degree from Stafford University.

He understands what is important in building a business and making it successful. He began his career working for IBM as the procurement manager and later the Director of Engineering for QMS. Eventually he began his own company that he called Bezier Systems.

What he enjoys most are the mergers and acquisitions of companies. He uses a creative and humanistic approach in his dealings with people, while his engineering and architectural skills guide his decision makings. Bonar enjoys his life through spending quality time with his family, golfing, and planning extensive boating trips.

In 2000 Brian Bonar received the Who’s Who in America award. His success as a creative genius and manager are easy to see through the success of Trucept Incorporated, which provides services to large and small companies needing help with their payroll, human resources, employee benefits, and staffing solutions.

Troy Johnson reviews the newest restaurant in San Diego, called Bellamy’s, in the San Diego Magazine. Bellamy’s is located in Escondido, where life is a little simpler than some of the trendier areas in California. Bonar purchased the restaurant with great chefs in mind to make the food unforgettable.

He was fortunate enough to entice Patrick Ponsaty, Master Chef of France, to join him. Bellamy’s was once a bistro, called Tango, where it was known for its progressive dining. Once Bonar bought the restaurant he wanted to replace most of the staff, finding Trevor Da Costa to greet his customers and Mike Reidy to work as executive chef.

What makes the opening of Bellamy’s really exciting is not only the incredible food, but the Ranch at Bandy Canyon nearby, that Bonar plans to turn into a top of the line space for events with a signature restaurant. The space includes a beautiful landscape of 144 acres with green grass.

The expectation is, that having Ponsaty to create the menu for his four star restaurant will make the restaurant/event space very successful. Johnson isn’t immediately impressed by Bellamy’s décor.

He thought it would have had more changes made from the prior owner, but when he received the corn soup, he was smitten. Johnson ordered many dishes of diverse combinations that equally impressed his taste buds and left him wanting more. He concludes Bellamy’s is a top notch restaurant.

EOS Lip Balm: Doing The Impossible

In order for a company to do something great or something special, they have to take a chance. Now, that is risky and scary for a lot of people. They are not entirely confident in doing that. However, for EOS Lip Balm, they knew they had to think outside the box and commit to it. They knew that if people believed in it as much as they did, it would be a hit. As they say, they bet on themselves, and they won and they won big. If someone does not believe in their own product, why should anyone else?

As pointed out here,, they wanted to take on chapstick, which is not something a lot of people would have the courage to do. Seven years ago, they started making their way into Walgreens stores and people noticed the difference in appearance and the difference in the flavor. Once people start seeing celebrities using it such as Miley Cyrus, Christina Aguilera, and Kim Kardashian, then they know they had to try it out. It starts with the tube. In order to grab people’s attention, it needs to have something out of the ordinary. They wanted to shape it like a ball and not be the traditional chapstick.

It also has many perks over chapstick such as keeping your lips moisturized longer than normal chapsticks. In some cases, regular chapsticks were actually doing more harm than good as they would dry out the lips quicker which caused customers to have to apply it more often. With EOS, they use only the finest ingredients out there and they give their customers the best. Sometimes someone needs to come along and change what has been going on and what has left customers bored. EOS Lip Balm has excited customers in many ways. It has the personal touch they were looking for out of it. For more info, visit

Making Everyone’s Jobs Easier

Two of the more common methods for criminals to keep performing illegal activities while behind bars are telephone and email communications. While these services are obviously meant for above-the-board uses, criminals find ways to perform fraud and other types of theft over the phone and on the internet. Securus Technologies has been in the business of crime prevention and solutions long enough to not only know this, but to know how to make these technologies better for the purpose of combating illegal uses of communications in prisons.


They are continually on the cutting edge of technology year after year and are always devising and implementing new products. The vast amount of law enforcement agencies and prison systems across the U.S. know Securus Technologies very well. They have an excellent reputation in law enforcement circles for good reasons. Not the least of which is that they are able to make the jobs of law enforcement officials easier.


For example, the constant and in-depth monitoring systems that Securus can provide can help agencies outside of a prison complex track down where exactly fraudulent activity comes from. In days past, so many reports of fraud went unsolved simply because the communications systems inside of prisons were antiquated compared to what the civilian population had. This is no longer the case for the prison systems which choose to contract with Securus Technologies.


Copa Star: Being Sick will Never be Boring

It’s safe to say that Copa Star hospital just raised the bar on world class health care. Having built a 21,000 sqm hospital, it is packed with the most modern conveniences and amenities a hospital could wish for. It is indeed a five-star hospital. Patients can now relax and recover from injury, surgery or illness without having to feel stressed out. This is because of the exceptional customer service and great environment Copa Star has provided for patients. It’s not just the patients the hospital thought of, if you are visiting or staying to look after a loved one, you will be ensured a very pleasant stay! Visit the site Rede D’Or for more info.

Copa Star is located in the city Sao Paulo. The building was designed by RAF Architecture company and by the famous architect Roderigo Sambaguy. When he designed the building, he was mind full of what is seen and not seen. By seen, it is meant by the general aesthetics of the building and design etc. The not seen part would be the materials that went into making the building complex. This includes state of the art material such as Penebar structural joints, which greatly reduce damage from outside sources such as storms.

This hospital has 59 intensive care units, state of the art diagnostic centers, MRI capability and all of the usual equipment’s you would expect from such an establishment. The hospital is also digitally savvy. This means patients will be able to control various aspects of their life and environment by just touching a button on an iPad! Through the iPad, they will be able to control room temperature and even have conference calls with their physicians and nurses. All this is made possible by an app designed just for Copa Star hospital! Talk about taking healthcare to the internet age!

All of this is obviously great for a person staying at the hospital. But what about day to day life? Hospital Copa Star thought of this and went out of their way to make patients feel comfortable. For starters, patients can say goodbye to boring hospital food. The canteen is run by trained chefs who can even personalize the menu for patients! It is this type attention to detail that makes Copa Star stand apart from the rest, and will continue to serve for years to come. View the design at RafArquitetura