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Two of the more common methods for criminals to keep performing illegal activities while behind bars are telephone and email communications. While these services are obviously meant for above-the-board uses, criminals find ways to perform fraud and other types of theft over the phone and on the internet. Securus Technologies has been in the business of crime prevention and solutions long enough to not only know this, but to know how to make these technologies better for the purpose of combating illegal uses of communications in prisons.


They are continually on the cutting edge of technology year after year and are always devising and implementing new products. The vast amount of law enforcement agencies and prison systems across the U.S. know Securus Technologies very well. They have an excellent reputation in law enforcement circles for good reasons. Not the least of which is that they are able to make the jobs of law enforcement officials easier.


For example, the constant and in-depth monitoring systems that Securus can provide can help agencies outside of a prison complex track down where exactly fraudulent activity comes from. In days past, so many reports of fraud went unsolved simply because the communications systems inside of prisons were antiquated compared to what the civilian population had. This is no longer the case for the prison systems which choose to contract with Securus Technologies.


Copa Star: Being Sick will Never be Boring

It’s safe to say that Copa Star hospital just raised the bar on world class health care. Having built a 21,000 sqm hospital, it is packed with the most modern conveniences and amenities a hospital could wish for. It is indeed a five-star hospital. Patients can now relax and recover from injury, surgery or illness without having to feel stressed out. This is because of the exceptional customer service and great environment Copa Star has provided for patients. It’s not just the patients the hospital thought of, if you are visiting or staying to look after a loved one, you will be ensured a very pleasant stay! Visit the site Rede D’Or for more info.

The building was designed by RAF Architecture company and by the famous architect Roderigo Sambaguy. When he designed the building, he was mind full of what is seen and not seen. By seen, it is meant by the general aesthetics of the building and design etc. The not seen part would be the materials that went into making the building complex. This includes state of the art material such as Penebar structural joints, which greatly reduce damage from outside sources such as storms.

This hospital has 59 intensive care units, state of the art diagnostic centers, MRI capability and all of the usual equipment’s you would expect from such an establishment. The hospital is also digitally savvy. This means patients will be able to control various aspects of their life and environment by just touching a button on an iPad! Through the iPad, they will be able to control room temperature and even have conference calls with their physicians and nurses. All this is made possible by an app designed just for Copa Star hospital! Talk about taking healthcare to the internet age!

But what about day to day life? Hospital Copa Star thought of this and went out of their way to make patients feel comfortable. For starters, patients can say goodbye to boring hospital food.  View the design at RafArquitetura

One of the Greatest Achievements Of Roberto Santiago

Having graduated from the University Canter of Joao Pessoa with a degree in Business Administration, Roberto Santiago has gradually become an icon in the retail industry through his various achievements. Born in 1958, Roberto success journey has not been an icing on the cake. He had to start from a low note to later become a very successful entrepreneur and a business man. His career path kicked off by him venturing into the hotel industry. While in the hotel industry, he learned of the various opportunities present at the cartonnage industry.

This led to him investing all his time and resources to open a cartonnage company that specialized in making decorative products. Reaping the fruits of his hard labor, Roberto Santiago now started investing more in the retail industry considering the numerous opportunities present that people were not utilizing.

Through venturing more into the retail industry, Roberto found himself owning one of the largest malls in Brazil, Manaira Shopping Mall. It was not hard for him to venture into the mall industry considering his interest in business and his entrepreneurial nature. Not all people who claim to be entrepreneurs are true entrepreneurs, but Santiago has proven to have an entrepreneurial spirit in him through Manaira Mall. The mall is seen to serve the residents of Brazil and Joao Pessoa but still serve visitors from all across the world who decide to visit the mall and have a memorable experience. Compared to other malls in Brazil, the Manaira shopping mall is seen to be the biggest and offers more services. Read more on

The mall’s primary goals is providing clients with a place where they can get all they aspire under one roof. The clients have an opportunity of having fun, being comfortable making them crave for more. When it comes to entertainment, the mall has everyone taken care of. For the children, there is a place where they can god and play in a game station. There is also a theater where a family can decide to go and relax while watching movies and enjoying each other’s company. There are also stalls that sell numerous products from trendy outfits, furnishers, electronics, food and so on.

The technology used in the mall is modern and advanced, and the architect is incredible. Everything about the mall can be described as perfect and on point. Roberto can now relax knowing people are enjoying his work. View more articles on