The Bumble CEO Whitney Wolfe Gets A Lot Of Praise

The Bumble is catering to everyone. It doesn’t matter if you are part of the LGBT or heterosexual community, there is something available for you with the Bumble app. Matches are set to expire without the course of 24 hours. This is the exciting part of the deal. It makes people stay engaged with the app. Whitney Wolfe knew that this was going to be one of the best ways to keep people attentive to the app.

So many people will sign up for dating apps, and but many people simply do not take the time to stay connected. They do not check the apps regularly. This is what causes a lot of trouble. The Bumble app has managed to become a leader in the app industry, and more people are impressed with the way that dating has changed. Whitney Wolfe has done a great job of building curiosity about the dating app. She did not want to create the same old app over and over again. She is the person that has allowed people to look at the dating world as something completely different.

The thing that Whitney Wolfe wanted to do was create an app that was safer for women. She had an interest in an anti-bullying app when she originally left Tinder, but she decided to focus on dating apps again. This time Whitney Wolfe took more time to look at the role that she could play in social media in general. She wanted a completely new way to build her business. This is the reason that she has become such a big fan of branching out. There are business apps and friendship apps that have come through the Bumble company. This is the way that Whitney Wolfe has managed to thrive in such a short time frame.

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Brian Bonar Opens a New Restaurant

An article on BitsyLink, All About Brian Bonar, Leader and Executive, describes the life and business sense of Brian Bonar. In the article it says, he has a lot of experience running successful companies, like Dalrada Financial and Trucept. Bonar earned his B.A., in technical engineering, from James Watt Technical College, and his master’s degree from Stafford University.

He understands what is important in building a business and making it successful. He began his career working for IBM as the procurement manager and later the Director of Engineering for QMS. Eventually he began his own company that he called Bezier Systems.

What he enjoys most are the mergers and acquisitions of companies. He uses a creative and humanistic approach in his dealings with people, while his engineering and architectural skills guide his decision makings. Bonar enjoys his life through spending quality time with his family, golfing, and planning extensive boating trips.

In 2000 Brian Bonar received the Who’s Who in America award. His success as a creative genius and manager are easy to see through the success of Trucept Incorporated, which provides services to large and small companies needing help with their payroll, human resources, employee benefits, and staffing solutions.

Troy Johnson reviews the newest restaurant in San Diego, called Bellamy’s, in the San Diego Magazine. Bellamy’s is located in Escondido, where life is a little simpler than some of the trendier areas in California. Bonar purchased the restaurant with great chefs in mind to make the food unforgettable.

He was fortunate enough to entice Patrick Ponsaty, Master Chef of France, to join him. Bellamy’s was once a bistro, called Tango, where it was known for its progressive dining. Once Bonar bought the restaurant he wanted to replace most of the staff, finding Trevor Da Costa to greet his customers and Mike Reidy to work as executive chef.

What makes the opening of Bellamy’s really exciting is not only the incredible food, but the Ranch at Bandy Canyon nearby, that Bonar plans to turn into a top of the line space for events with a signature restaurant. The space includes a beautiful landscape of 144 acres with green grass.

The expectation is, that having Ponsaty to create the menu for his four star restaurant will make the restaurant/event space very successful. Johnson isn’t immediately impressed by Bellamy’s décor.

He thought it would have had more changes made from the prior owner, but when he received the corn soup, he was smitten. Johnson ordered many dishes of diverse combinations that equally impressed his taste buds and left him wanting more. He concludes Bellamy’s is a top notch restaurant.

EOS Lip Balm: Doing The Impossible

In order for a company to do something great or something special, they have to take a chance. Now, that is risky and scary for a lot of people. They are not entirely confident in doing that. However, for EOS Lip Balm, they knew they had to think outside the box and commit to it. They knew that if people believed in it as much as they did, it would be a hit. As they say, they bet on themselves, and they won and they won big. If someone does not believe in their own product, why should anyone else?

As pointed out here,, they wanted to take on chapstick, which is not something a lot of people would have the courage to do. Seven years ago, they started making their way into Walgreens stores and people noticed the difference in appearance and the difference in the flavor. Once people start seeing celebrities using it such as Miley Cyrus, Christina Aguilera, and Kim Kardashian, then they know they had to try it out. It starts with the tube. In order to grab people’s attention, it needs to have something out of the ordinary. They wanted to shape it like a ball and not be the traditional chapstick.

It also has many perks over chapstick such as keeping your lips moisturized longer than normal chapsticks. In some cases, regular chapsticks were actually doing more harm than good as they would dry out the lips quicker which caused customers to have to apply it more often. With EOS, they use only the finest ingredients out there and they give their customers the best. Sometimes someone needs to come along and change what has been going on and what has left customers bored. EOS Lip Balm has excited customers in many ways. It has the personal touch they were looking for out of it. For more info, visit