Aloha Construction’s New Brand is Booming

Aloha Construction has been in business since 2008 and, in that time, they have been able to see a lot of success with the options that they have available for their clients. They work with major brands and contractors to get the best experience possible and that has given them a chance to grow even more than what they did in the past. Aloha Construction is able to do more for their customers than most of the other companies that are located in Illinois and this has set them apart for many reasons. Since Aloha Construction first started, they have remained committed to the people who they are helping and that has allowed them the chance to make sure that they are doing everything they can to improve the experiences that people have when they are using a contractor. Aloha Construction rarely disappoints with the services that they offer.


Recently Aloha Construction started to test out the use of some new materials. They have found that these materials are higher quality than the other brand that they used in the past. By using these ones, they are setting up the stage to test out the things that they can do with their customers. They are hoping that doing this will give them the chance that they need to be able to continue offering their customers the best experience possible. With the tests that they are doing, Aloha Construction hopes to learn how the customers will react to the new materials.


As a general contracting company that is able to do many different types of work, Aloha Construction knows what they are doing and promotes all of the opportunities that they have for other people. They want to show people what they are capable of doing and that is something that is going to set them apart from other construction companies. Since they first opened, they have made a huge name for themselves in the Northern Illinois area. Now, with new offices opening up, they are prepared to be able to serve all of Illinois and a small portion of Wisconsin.



Securus Technologies’ Solutions Are Revolutionizing Crime Prevention

Securus Technologies is a leading tech company providing security services to correctional facilities and other justice-administering systems. Securus entered the industry in 2004 following a successful merger between Evercom and T-Netix. Three years later it became a leading international brand in offender management systems. It provides an array of services including parolee tracking, information management, and inmate communication solutions. It has its headquarter in Dallas Texas with regional offices in Atlanta Georgia and four others in Dallas Metro area.


Since it began operations, the company has acquired nine different companies to improve its service delivery. The companies include Primonics, DirectHit Systems, Archonix Systems, Satellite Tracking of People, Telerus and JLG Technologies. Guarded Exchange, Cellblox, and Jpay are also some of the organizations that the firm acquired recently. Besides, buying other business, it has partnered with other agencies such as Harris Corporation. The two companies partner in 2016 to develop “Cell Defender” technology.

Over the years Securus Technologies has specialized in tailoring its solutions to meet specific needs of correctional facilities and crime control agencies in different communities. As a result, it develops new products on a weekly basis. Currently, it serves over 2600 correctional facilities across 45 states in the US and more than one million inmates. It has as well expanded its customer base to Mexico, District of Columbia and Canada.


Securus Technologies products have registered high customer satisfaction rates, and it enjoys tremendous positive feedback through letters and emails. Its call monitoring service is one of the most appreciated products. Crime prevention agencies have used it in investigations to follow suspects and stop many crimes. In prisons, the system has been used to monitor drug selling and abuse in the facilities as well as suspicious conversations.


Location-Based Software is another product that law enforcers have found beneficial in their line of duty. By using LBS in conjunction with other software such as Investigator Pro, they have recovered assets, cash and drugs worth millions. THREADS and Inmate Table Project are other revolutionary solutions that Securus Technologies have developed. The tablet is loved by the inmates and the correctional facilities officers alike. Through the tablets, Securus has improved safety within the facilities by providing a communication tracking tool in the form of a handset that the inmates enjoy using.


The cutting-edge technologies have made Securus a company of choice for many correctional facilities in the US. However, the company has greater plans. Its vision is to continue assessing and developing solutions that will make investigations easier. Wireless Containment Solution is its latest product launched in 2017 that prevents fake phones from using mobile networks. Its aggressive commitment to transform the incarceration sector and enhance public safety has earned Securus support from many stakeholders in crime prevention.