Glen Wakeman was born in 1968. He is the founder and the chief executive officer of LaunchPad holdings where he is also a co-founder. He studied at the University of Scranton between 1977 and 1981 where he graduated with a degree in Economics and Finance. He later joined The University of Chicago between 1991 and 1993 where he graduated with masters in business administration (Finance). He has a 20years experience in the financial world where he has worked in 32 countries and has lived in six of them.

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He is an investor, writer, and an entrepreneur with a lot of expertise in this industry. He has been a leader and has overseen businesses worth $15 billion, with over fifteen thousand employees. His main adventure is in integration, downsizing, acquisitions, start-ups, divestitures, exponential growth and new market entry.


Immediately after finishing his bachelor degree, he worked for GE Money for 20 years. During his tenure at GE, he worked in different capacities like the General Manager, Country Manager, and the Regional Manager. He got his experience and responsibility working in various departments. Among the departments that he worked on includes: Operations, Business Developments, operations. He spent 15 years working and living in Asia, Europe, and South America.


In 1999 he became the CEO of General Electric Consumer Finance a position he held until 2006 (Doral Financial Corp Names Glen Wakeman President). In 2006, he was appointed the CEO and the President of Dora Financial Corporation, where he worked for eight years. He was also a Board Member of the financial institution. He became the president of Dora Bank in 2008. The Board of directors of Dora corporation believed that his leadership and experience with the top financial institution would be a plus for the organization.


Currently, Glen Wakeman is the Chief Officer and the President of LaunchPad Holdings, LLC. This company provides business planning for young entrepreneurs who want to venture into business. They mainly advise on the early stages of entrepreneurial skills. Glen. Wakeman is also a blogger, he writes about emerging markets, leadership, global affairs, and business transformations. In his blogs, he gives advice on angel financing and strategies. Glen is passionate about innovations and growth. He mentors executives and advises start-ups businesses such as Dreamfund and Sitter Bees.

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Julia Jackson and Jackson Family Wines Is Bringing Family Business to a Whole New Level

Starting out at a very young age, Julia Jackson fell in love with the family business. She learned early on that it takes hard work to be successful and for this reason alone, Julia attended college and summer programs aimed at helping her to become successful in her family business. She attended Scripps College before going to a Stanford summer program.

Julia Jackson is the middle daughter of Barbara Banke and Jess Jackson. Her father and mother worked alongside of each other for many years. Julia started out within the company by being their spokesman for the Cambria Estates. She worked to deliver the importance of the family business. She works to be the next generation within the wine industry. Her family knows they have to reach out to all audiences in order for the business to be successful however they wish to do this without adhering to trendy labels and flavors.

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The Cambria Estate Winery first started in 1987. It was her mother that was drawn into the wine making business in the Santa Maria area. She seen the land in the area and knew that it had the potential to be a great breeding ground for various wines. It was her mother that gave her the incentive to be successful. For this reason, Cambria Seeds of Empowerment helps women in communities to be role models for the younger generation. It is important for those in the community to be equal and embody the various programs within their communities.

Julia and her sister are actively involved in the family business. Her mother is still in charge of the business as she oversees everything within the business while winemakers actively work to create the best wine out there. Most of the wine business is dominated by men however Julia and her family are working to bring more women into the business.

How George Soros is Fighting to Save America

The biggest boogeyman that Conservative media has ever seen is making his large stage return. George Soros, most well known for his work supporting Al Gore, has returned to mainstream politics after a protracted hiatus that saw the man work on his billion dollar investment firm while focusing on his philanthropic endeavors around the world. George Soros is one of the leading philanthropists in the world and his work with the Open Society Foundations has been cited as one of the cornerstones of democratic progress around the globe. Soros is a frequent soldier for progressive causes, democratic government, social justice and equality all around the world. Now, he is back to make sure that the GOPs Donald Trump doesn’t get what he wants.

The reason for George Soros’ return is pretty obvious: Donald J. Trump stands for everything that goes against George Soros and what he has dedicated his life to. Soros is a staunch advocate of equality, social justice, democracy and pushing to make the world a better place through grassroots political activism. None of those things belong in the modern GOP playbook. Soros was inspired to return from his hiatus due to the simple fact that trump’s rising populism was a direct threat to his life’s work and his hope to create a better world for people in the future. Know more on about George Soros.

Soros returned to the election campaign in order to help prop up Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton as well as the rest of the progressive down ticket options. Soros would go on to donate somewhere near $25 million to the various campaigns in order to help them catch up to the more free spending Republican counterparts. George Soros was particularly forceful in his spending in part because of his distaste of nominee Donald Trump. Soros, after citing trump’s fear mongering, called accused him simply of “Doing the work of ISIS.”

Of course, just because this is Soros’ big return to politics it doesn’t mean that he hasn’t been making himself known in other ways. Soros has been making a name for himself with the Open Society Foundations. His focus with Open Society has been to put funding in place for grassroots activists to start changing their communities through activism and mobilization. This, of course, has led Soros to helping push democracy in countries all around the globe while helping to fight for it here at home as well.

One such place that saw Soros’ make an impact was Ferguson, MO. Many people will remember the shooting of Michael Brown and the corresponding organized protests. These protests were thanks in large part to funding from Soros’ Open Society Foundations. Soros would donate nearly $30 million to the area to help fund grassroots activism and other such causes.