Jose Auriemo Leads JHSF To Greater Heights

JHSF is a leading Brazilian real estate company focusing on high income investments. It manages and sells properties in both in the residential and commercial market segments. JHSF has participated in the management and development of international executive airports, upscale hotels and shopping centers. The company has four business units: Hotels and Restaurants, Executive Airports, Malls and Commercial Properties. The company was founded in Brazil in 1972 by Jose Roberto Auriemo and Fabio Auriemo. It has grown to have operations in Brazil, the US and Uruguay. JHSF has grown by prioritizing investment in recurring income assets.

When the company started it was mainly focused in the construction business. Over time the company started building and managing buildings. The company is a pioneer in the Brazilian real estate industry having created several unique buildings in Brazil. In 2001 JHSF finished construction of Shopping Metro Santa Cruz in Sao Paulo. It was the first mall in Brazil to be integrated with a subway station. The company also created the Cidade Jarim complex, one of the most luxurious development projects in Brazil. Cidade has a mall and nine residential towers in the City Park Garden. In 2006 JHSF went public and had an IPO. The company’s shares were listed on Novo Mercardo BMF & Bovespa. Since the company went public, it has participated in several large deals. In 2007 the company became the majority shareholder in Fasano Group hotels and in 2014 it took over the Fasano’s restaurants. In 2010 the company sold Shopping Metro Santa Cruz to BRMalls.

Jose AuriemoNeto is the chairman of JHSF’s board. He is the eldest son of founder, Fabio Auriemo having taken over the company in 2003. He is responsible for most of the company’s successful projects such as Cidae Jarim and taking the company public. Prior to taking the reins of the company he had been the director of shopping malls. He was the CEO the company from 2003 to 2014 before taking over as chairman and appointing Eduardo Camara as CEO and taking over as chairman. Jose Auriemo is also overseeing the company’s expansion in Uruguay.

IDLife Brings Revolutionary Developments To Health And Wellness Of People

IDLife is a wellness and health firm that has revolutionized the world with customized nutrition. The principle behind the company’s products is to ensure that they are different for each client because people are not alike. People have different nutritional needs, so the company ensures that it fully satisfies its clients. The company’s mission is the provision of high-quality programs and products to help people lead a healthy lifestyle.

All products offered by IDLife are keenly tested and approved by independent laboratories for maximum nutritional absorbability, purity, potency, and solubility. IDLife products are made of quality ingredients that are casein free, gluten free, soy free, and GMO-free.

You can start experiencing a new healthy lifestyle by visiting their website and fill out the confidential and free health assessment. The answers given by the client generate a report that gives recommendations and a customized vitamin program.

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Logan Stout is the current chief executive of IDLife. Mr. Stout is an accomplished entrepreneur with a good background in business. Logan was also a professional Baseball Player at Dallas Patriots. Mr. Stout is passionate about wellness and health of people. IDLife has grown exponentially since Logan founded it in 2014. Logan’s outstanding business and leadership skills have helped grow his company.

Recently, IDLife reported its collaboration with Garmin which develops GPS devices. Garmin also offers unique wearable fitness gadgets. IDLife added a feature to its website that offers customers an option to buy Garmin Vivo fitness trackers. The tracker is specially designed to work well with IDLife’s mobile application. The device helps customers to calculate their nutritional needs and also to track their exercise.

Garmin and IDLife partnered because they both believe that health is not just a matter of numbers or nutrition alone. The two companies have come up with plans for their clients to achieve overall wellness and health by incorporating a holistic approach. Garmin has an Index Smart Scale that measures body fat percentage, body water content, and body mass among other useful metrics. Such metrics enable people to get an accurate view of their wellness as opposed to the use of body weight and BMI alone. Additionally, Garmin gadgets measure pulse rate and walking among other activities.

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Securus Technologies – Offering Award Winning Customer Service

For years, one of the companies in the correctional industry that has been offering consistent services is Securus Technologies. The company has made tremendous progress since the time it opened doors to the public in the year 1986. It offers a broad range of products and services to the inmates as well as the law enforcement officers. Starting from video visitation, video services, phone services, and more, there are many different services that the company has come up with to ensure that the inmates can remain in contact with their relatives and friends at a nominal cost.


The services of the company are fluid and economical, and to back it up, Securus Technologies also have an award winning customer service. The customer base of the company is huge, and it maintains over a million and a half inmates in North America, and more than 3,400 law enforcement and correctional agencies use its services.


Securus Technologies believes that the correctional sphere is in dire need of modern technology as it is what would help in reduce the crime rate and make it easier for the law enforcement officers to protect the citizen. The company has come up with some of the most advanced investigative tools and technology, which are considered a breakthrough in the industry. Securus Technologies loves to keep the customers and investors notified about its progress, and it is why the company recently published a press release online.


In the press release, Securus Technologies showcased the appreciation it is getting from different law enforcement officers from across the country. As per the law enforcement officers, the company is doing a tremendous job in modernizing the law enforcement agencies and ensuring that the crime rate in their respective areas is reduced drastically. I have used the law enforcement and crime prevention technology of many different companies in the past, but the products and services offered by Securus Technologies are by far the best available on the market today.