Securus Technologies Is Keeping The Inmates Connected With Their Families

I have asked several prison officials about the name of the company that comes first to their mind with regard to providing safety in the Facilities. And the answer that I get each time is Securus Technologies.


This is a company that is focused on providing for the needs of the customer. Hence they are upgrading all the time. In fact, they are always asking for feedback from their clients. Securus Technologies is a company that prides itself on coming out with a new product, or making modifications to an existing one, nearly every week.


Securus Technologies is always asking its existing customers, as well as the new ones to visit its Knowledge Center. This is where the new products are displayed. Securus Technologies is well aware that people will use their products only after they are aware of their existence.


I have seen how Securus Technologies is receiving thousands of emails and letters from its customers all the time. These discuss how their products are helping to keep the Facilities safe. Besides, these are also mentioning what more is expected from Securus Technologies by their customers.


While phone call services were required by jail inmates earlier, now this need has been replaced by video calling. Hence Securus Technologies has upgraded its services accordingly. They understand that it is very important for the jail inmates to remain connected with their friends, families and loved ones. This is because they have to come out of the jail one day and become a part of the real world. By remaining connected, they can adjust in a better way once they come out of jail. Also, the families feel better as they can see their loved one behind bars and know that he is alright. In this way, the Facilities become a safer place too.


Invest in Embraer’s Military Engagements – Jeff Yastine

In 2017, everything can be treated as an investment. If this statement sounds incorrect, one should get familiar with the brilliant work from Jeff Yastine. This writer has created some of the most unexpected articles that address investment that one may have never thought about. For example, how many people have made plans to purchase Embraer stocks since it has proven to be a better military option for combat plane? Realistically, very few.

Yastine discusses how United States Navy SEALs created an almost-impossible request for a perfect combat plane that will have many untraditional characteristics. Embraer was the company that delivered the requested plane according to all the requirements. The ultimate result was a very successful and deadly tool that the special operations guys can use to carry out some of the most dangerous missions.

Of course, such an endeavor and manufacturing innovation does not go unnoticed. The writer reminds that many countries have not had their planes renewed in over 30 years. Luckily for Embraer, this shows as an opportunity to land new contracts and grow their profits. By doing so, earnings per share will significantly increase along with the stock price. Thus, Yastine suggests that people keep an open eye for stocks of this company as now might be the best time to buy them.

To support his claims, this experienced investor clarifies why Embraer might be facing a bright future. Reportedly, Nigeria has already spent $600 million on their planes while Lebanon went up to $460. With many more countries doing the same, the existence of this market is very obvious and since Embraer delivered on request of Navy SEALs, they have the strong testament of their dedication and work ethic.

When Yastine is not writing articles that educate the readers of Banyan Hill, he is investing in stocks and other profitable opportunities. He has been doing this for over two decades which makes him a veteran of the industry. Alongside investing, Yastine has worked as an anchor in the past. He currently dedicates most of his time to writing articles that educate inexperienced investors.

Over the course of his career, he was recognized through an Emmy nomination as well as a Journalism Award by the CPAs of New York. His popularity comes as a byproduct of numerous writing projects that addressed current events, monetary issues, possible future of the economy and almost anything that might earn the reader some money!

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The Exceptional Advertising And Music Career Of Alexandre Gama

Born in June of 1958, Alexandre Gama has made a name for himself as an entrepreneur of Brazilian heritage. He is most widely recognized as Neogama’s founder. He is highly educated with a degree in Advertising and Communications. His career has included the positions of copywriter creative and creative director, and he has won more awards than any other copywriter among his generation. The year was 1999 when Alexandre Gama began his own advertising agency, and he called it Neogama.

Alexandre Gama is also passionate regarding the music industry. VIOLAB is a music project he launched in 2014, and encompasses acoustic guitars, his own recording label, a program on the radio, a recording studio and a channel on YouTube. He promotes the top musicians and players in Brazil. His work was featured in 2014 at the Brazilian Art Museum in a unique and popular exhibit that ran for two-months.

Alexandre Gama became interested in high-end sports cars in 2014, and invested in the Briggs Automotive Company. The British car company is in Liverpool. He additionally bears the distinction of being the only Brazilian who is a member of the Global Creative Board. He is involved with innovations, creative strategies and new innovations through his service to the board.

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The successful career of Mr. Shiraz Boghani; an award-winning hotelier in the U.K

Mr. Shiraz Boghani is one of the greatest investors in the United Kingdom’s hospitality industry. He serves as the current chairman of Splendid Hospitality Group, which has numerous high profile hotels and restaurants in the U.K. the Splendid Hospitality Group is one of the fastest growing chains of hotels in the U.K. Mr. Shiraz has put a lot of effort to grow Splendid Hospitality Group to what it is today. He was recently honored with the Asian Business Awards where he was named Hotelier of the Year. He possesses a wealth of experience in the hospitality industry that spans over three decades. Mr. Shiraz Boghani currently owns more than 19 hotels that are spread in various parts of the country.

Mr. Boghani did not start his career in the hospitality industry. He is a qualified Chartered Accountant who developed a lot of interest in the hospitality industry. Mr. Boghani is among the pioneers who launched limited service branded restaurants in the U.K in the early 1990s.

Shiraz spent his childhood in Kenya and then relocated to U.K to pursue higher studies. He studied Accounting where he graduated in the 1960s. He launched his career in a small Accounting firm in the U.K. He went on to train accounting at Thompson McLintock & Company where he gained a lot of experience in accounting. While working at the Accountancy firm, Shiraz kept his eyes open, and he started researching in the Hospitality business.

Mr. Shiraz has grown Splendid Hospitality Group over the years. He is considered to a pioneer in so many things in the hospitality industry. He has used his entrepreneurial skills to grow his fortune over the years where he now sits among the richest people in the country. He has utilized his wealth to fund various charities and other organizations that support various causes. Shiraz volunteers at Ismaili community where he holds several senior positions.

Besides investing heavily in the hospitality industry, Shiraz has a lot of interests in the healthcare industry. In 1985, Shiraz joined hands with Dr. Shafik to establish Sussex Healthcare facility. This is a network of care centers that are spread in various Sussex in the U.K. The award-winning care home offers exemplary services for the seniors with various serious health conditions such as dementia and autism. The healthcare facility also provides support to individuals living with disabilities. It employs renowned experts in various fields who ensure that residents get the best quality services. Follow Shiraz Boghani on Twitter.