Anthony Petrello Leads Philanthropic Initiatives At Nabors Industries

Tony Petrello is one of the top corporate executives in the United States. He is the current CEO of Nabors Industries, a top company in the oil and natural gas drilling sector.

Petrello is ranked among the best paid CEO in the country following the good performance his company has been recording since he was appointed the CEO. In the process of delivering services in the industry, he has made some brilliant decisions which have seen it overtake other players in the industry. The company is now expanding its business operations to other parts of the world targeting developments in areas such as Africa, Far East and the Middle East. His role as the CEO is has also seen many American benefits from thousands of job opportunities he has created in the company as he expands its business operations.

Anthony Petrello name in the business is huge, but there is another field where he is even doing better. For those who live in Texas, when they hear of Tony Petrello, they associate it with a good-hearted CEO who is not only interested in making his business successful but also the lives of the people who live in the area. Tony Petrello believes in giving back to the community. This has been his thing for a long time, but he has brought it in the company also. Nabors Industries is not just a business in Texas but a business that responds to the needs of the people. Workers of this company have been taught the importance of giving back to the community also. Whenever there is a problem in the area, the Texas-based drilling company is one of the businesses which offers assistance.

Petrello recently led his employees in offering assistance to victims of Hurricane Harvey. The hurricane hit and caused massive destruction of property in Houston. Petrello sent his employees on a paid leave so that they could help those affected by the floods. He did not only send them, but he also contributed money for the relief program. Nabors Industries is one of the companies that responded swiftly to calls for assistance from the government disaster management bodies. They chipped in and offered the support they could afford.

Tony Petrello has set precedence at Nabors Industries. The company is now offering support and contributing to philanthropic work around the country. Every year, the company is involved in some projects that involve giving back to the community.

Louis Chenevert: A True Image of Success in Leadership and Business Achievements

Louis Chenevert is the former chief executive officer and Chairman of United Technologies Corporation. His service in the company has been felt for often serving at different positions. In 2008, he became its chief executive officer and president. In 2010, he was elected as the chairman, and he served through until he retired in 2014. In 2006, Louis Chenevert served as president, chief operating officer, and director at the same company. Before joining United Technologies Corporation, Louis Chenevert served at Pratt & Whitney as the president from 1999 to the year 2006. He had earlier served for 14 years at General Motors as well before joining Pratt & Whitney in the year 199. He was the production general manager in the firm. Among other leadership positions he held were, senior industry advisor at Goldman Sachs Merchant Banking Division from 2015 to 2017. He is currently a Business Council member. Louis is a former member of the chief executive officer forum of United States-India. He also successfully serves at Cargill the board of directors since the year 2011.

Louis Chenevert has a degree in Bachelor of Commerce in the sector of production management. He went to the University of Montreal. He proudly owns an honorary doctorate from the exceptional University of Montreal, which he received in 2011. He serves on the international board of HEC Montreal. Louis is known to be the chairman and founding director of Friends of HEC board of directors. Some of the lifetime achievements that he rejoices in are the successful arrangement of acquiring Goodrich Corporation. This was a manufacturing company for aeroscope. He spent his time and energy in overseeing, negotiating, purchasing, and discussing the details of the deal until it was finally met. Through an interview, he responds to how ideas come to reality in his hands in an exciting manner. Louis points out that his focus is mainly on engineering and operational talent. He focuses on them to bring the best results and exceed the expectations of their clients as well as produce revenue in the company. One of the most exciting trends to Louis are the technologies. It excites him how the technology has been able to bring a high speed in changes and accelerating the success of companies.

Paul Mampilly speaks about the trends in cryptocurrency.

Paul Mampilly speaks about the trends in cryptocurrency.

Paul Mampilly is a seasoned investor and has extensive knowledge and experience in managing funds. Paul Mampilly is a chief editor at the Banyan Hill Publishing and gives insights to his readers about which kind of stocks to buy or sell among other forms of investment. Paul Mampilly is of the opinion that the cryptocurrency market is just a swelling bubble and it is only a matter of time before the bubble bursts and most investors would lose a great deal of cash in the process. Paul Mampilly supports his speculations with several past occurrences such as the dotcom bubble that raptured in 2000-2001, and most of his friends lost their money. Cryptocurrency is an utterly decentralized form of transactions that use the blockchain knowledge and cryptography. Visit to know more. Paul Mampilly recalls the economic bubble of 1999 all too well that saw corporation such as Qualcomm and their stocks going up by 2,619. Similarly, other shares had gone up by outrageous figures, and that’s when Paul Mampilly got the wake-up call of a looming economic bubble. Paul Mampilly withdrew his investments and advised his friends to the same, but his advice fell on deaf ears. Paul continued to monitor the stocks even after he departed and he noticed that they kept going up before the market came down to its knees in 2000 and 2001. On the wake of 2018, the most famous cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, had a value of over $19,000. Paul Mampilly vehemently argues that the underlying factors that have enhanced the growth of cryptocurrency are among the roots of his worry about cryptocurrency. Bitcoin was launched in 2008 by an anonymous figure known as Satoshi Nakamoto and was initially used as a form of payment among peers. The strength of this form of the transaction also spread to several organizations and also featured on the mainstream media, and its value has been escalated by the public all along. Another type of cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum has gone up with astonishing figures just in short period. Bitcoin already plummeted to $8,000 and has stayed ranging around that price for some time now. The bubble is attracting more and more investors as Coindesk points out that the investment has grown ten times form 2017. Paul Mampilly has been in the business of managing funds for over two decades and firmly maintains that he knows these signs all too well. Paul Mampilly is however optimistic about the blockchain technology and looks forward to this technology facilitating faster transactions in the future. Learn more:



NexBank announces its sponsorship of the 32nd Annual luncheon for the Dallas Women Foundation. It supported the foundation in women’s economic security and leadership by giving a gift of $100,000. The 2017 luncheon was held in Dallas at Hilton Anatole Hotel on the Friday of October 20th. The Luncheon by Dallas Women’s Foundation has held annually with the attendance of over 1300 business, civic and community leaders.

NexBank is a regional bank that was established on November 30th, 1934. Inclusive of its headquarters, it has three branches: NexBank SSB, Nexbank SSB; NexBank SSB, McKinney Branch and NexBank SSB, Preston Center Branch all located in Dallas with full-service brick and mortar offices. In Texas, it is the 11th largest bank and 150th nation wise.

It provides commercial and mortgage banking, and institutional services to financial institutions, real estate’s investors, large corporations, middle market companies and institutional clients. It aims to serve business leaders, professionals, entrepreneurs, and individuals with the need of personalized banking relationship. As of December 31st, 2017, having a total of 88 employees, NexBank had assets worth $8.4 billion. It has been rated having A health yet its money market rates are four times that of the national average. NexBank SSB is part of a financial services company called NexBank Capital, Inc. it is a member of and therefore primarily regulated by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC).

NexBank’s executive management team is made up of people with expertise and a strong focus on serving clients by providing the best capable financial services to institutional, individual and corporate customers. They include John Holt, the president and Chief Executive Officer, Matt Siekielski, the Chief Operating Officer, Stacy Hodges, the Chief Financial Officer and Rhett Miller, Chief Credit Officer. Under the leadership of James Dondero, the Co-founder and Highland Capital Management’s president, NexBank’s directors bring a lot of experience on management and leadership and are strongly committed to the success of the company.

Things You Need to Know About Ian King

Ian King is a successful trader and financial investor and has been trading bitcoins for the last two decades. He has a vast knowledge on cryptocurrencies and has guided people on the best ways to trade them. Trading bitcoins has turned out to be a lucrative business and individuals that have a vast knowledge in the latter have highly benefited from the forum by making huge profits than their initial deposit. He has taken part in the Investopedia forum, through which he guides people on the most secure ways through which they can exchange their bitcoins and other forms of cryptocurrencies. Visit to know more about Ian King.

Ian King is passionate about sharing his ideas with other people and believes that through doing so, he can learn new things every day. Before joining Banyan Hill Publishing in 2017, Ian was formerly a desk clerk at Salomon Brothers Famed Mortgage trading platform, where he helped people handle various types of trades. He has since the beginning of his career, helped people deal with the various emerging issues in the crypto market as well as the forex market in general.

Ian is passionate about the crypto market and spends most of his days taking up researches about the latter so as to acquire more ideas concerning the emerging trends in the market. He has always strived to share his knowledge and expertise concerning the latter and also strives to answer every emerging user question that is directed to him regarding the crypto market.

While conducting his researches on the crypto market, Ian King Banyan strives to evaluate the effectiveness of a particular possible crypto trade towards the ever volatile market. He likes to adopt models that are capable to solve problems in the crypto market and is highly determined towards entering into trades that are likely to generate high profits for a successful trade.

The guidance that he offers to people concerning the various types of cryptocurrencies has been received positively and a vast number of individuals are overwhelmed by his advocations and ability to help them improve their trading strategies.

Ian`s ability to make a plan of the things that he looks forward to accomplishing has seen him achieve success in his trading career. He encourages entrepreneurs as well as people that are passionate about achieving a certain goal to always ensure that they have a plan and outline of how they are going to accomplish their missions well as derive certain strategies that are likely to lead them towards their success. Read more on Talk Markets:


Kevin Seawright Is Making Home Ownership A Reality InBaltimore

Baltimore real estate sector has not been affordable in the recent past. Prices have rocketed and shielded many people from accessing decent housing in the neighborhood. Kevin Seawright, an experienced Baltimore public accountant, and leader seeks to change this situation. View Kevin Seawright’s full profile at LinkedIn

RPS Solutions

Kevin Seawright founded RPS Solutions with the sole aim of creating affordable housing. RPS solutions have invested in rebuilding old houses and converting them into comfortable pocket-friendly housing units. Kevin says he was motivated to start RPS Solutions while working in Baltimore housing sector. He felt that it was difficult for buyers buying their first homes. Also, families with a low income could not afford to buy a house. His company aims at making entry to the housing market smooth and affordable for all people seeking housing in Baltimore.

The Vision

Seawright wants to see it possible that Baltimore becomes more diverse. He wants more people to move into Baltimore with the faith that they are moving into a safer and a comfortable neighborhood. Through RPS he seeks to help people who cannot access loans from big banks and financial institutions make their dream of owning a home a reality.

Seawright Career in Baltimore

Mr. Seawright started at Baltimore’s city’s parks and the department of recreation as the manager of public funds. He also worked as the supervisor of Baltimore’s public school system and reshuffled how funds were distributed. This improved school transportation and put more resources at the administrator’s disposal. He introduced a software called CitiStat which greatly helped Baltimore’s office of the mayor.

Business philosophy

Over the course of his successful career, Kevin has been guided by a number of principles and values. These are:

 Integrate technology to enhance reporting of statistics

 View challenges as opportunities to do something differently.

 Encourage positive relationships with city and neighborhood associations.

More about Kevin Seawright

He attended Mendoza College in Indiana where he was awarded his Masters in Business Administration.

He has for over 13 years worked towards improving East Coast Communities. Currently Kevin sits on the board of Babe Ruth Museum. He is a member of The American Society for Public Administration and also a member of The National Forum for Black Public Administrators. In 2010, Mr. Seawright was the proud recipient of the esteemed Bridges to the Future Award and has marked significant milestones in Baltimore’s real estate sector. Follow:


Investment Advisor Igor Cornelsen Has Had A Long Career

There was a time in the world where Russia had a lot of debt and had not paid it off yet. Everyone in the Brazilian investment world thought that they would default on the debt and never pay it back. That is, everyone except for investment banker Igor Cornelsen who was born in Curitiba Brazil. Igor has a different way of thinking than most investors in Brazil. He sticks to the facts, and loves reading Reuters because they just state the facts as they are. He bet that Russia would pay back its debt, and sure enough it did. He was handsomely rewarded, and this example shows his character and logical way of thinking in which some others do not. Read more at to know more about Igor Cornelsen

Igor Cornelsen started out his career by taking engineering at the federal University of Parana. He eventually graduated with a degree in economics, but it is the combination of these two which has propelled him into success over the years. He started out at the bank named Multibanco; He worked his way up to a seat at the board of directors, and two years later in 1976 he became the president and CEO. So ultimately, having accomplished such a great feat, life was good for Igor Cornelsen. Then in 1985, Bank of America bought out the bank and he was forced to look elsewhere for work. He eventually looked at the largest bank in Brazil, which is named Unibanco. He stayed with Unibanco for a couple of years until he found a position at Libra Bank. He left Libra Bank to ultimately join Standard Chartered Bank.

Standard Chartered Bank is one of the best banks even today based out of Singapore. Singapore is a great financial center which has ties to London: the monetary center of the world. During Great Britain’s Colonial Empire and era of expansionism, they made their way into Singapore and established great ties with the banks there which still extend today. Knowing this and the great reputation that Standard Chartered has, Igor Cornelsen stayed with Standard Charter for 7 years before venturing out onto his own. Igor now provides individual investment advice at the same high level at which he used to provide for all of the banks. Visit:


Weight Management Made Easier

Losing weight is a goal that the vast majority of us have at some point in our lives. We look around and see how much society seems to value a person who is thin, and we want that for ourselves. Unfortunately, it is not easy to lose weight. If it were easy then maybe society would not value it as much.

Regardless, we need some solutions to help us lose the weight and keep it off more easily. Jeunesse Global seeks to provide those answers. They want to help by having people buy their Zen Project 8 program. This is a program that helps cut out a lot of the static around the issue of weight loss. Instead of making it something difficult and intimidating, this program seeks to simplify it in a way that everyone can love and understand.

The course is eight weeks long and intends not only to help you lose the weight you want to lose, but also to teach you how to keep that weight off and how to have a healthier lifestyle in general. If you have all of those things under your belt, then you have really figured this program out.

This program makes it a lot easier for you to lose weight and keep it off over the long run. Guiding you through three distinct phases, the program seeks to help you change your mental prospective on things as well. You can easily see how once you star to tick off some of those weight loss goals that it just gets easier and easier with time. All it takes is a little commitment and motivation to do the right thing and to stay in the kind of shape that you dream of for yourself.

Most who get on this program are testifying about its virtues in no time at all. They want to stay on it and make the best of everything that it has to offer. That is possible if you are serious about committing to it and sticking with the goals that you have in mind for the long run. You really will not regret it.