Author Solutions: Your Favorite Global Home For Self-Publishing Authors

Author Solutions was founded in 1997 to support self-publishing authors around the world. It is among the pioneer service providers in the industry and has helped about 250000 authors publish over 300000 titles. It penetrated the worldwide headlines for supporting authors in the self-publishing sector in the initial days of the market. The firm created a significant impact on the authors’ lives and still impacts significantly today.

If you are a new author searching for your own definition of success, Author Solutions is here for you. The firm eases your access to a range of resources, contacts and insight you need to achieve your dreams. It is also your excellent guardian angel if you look forward to selling your book in bookstores, filming your story for a global audience and appearing on TV. Regardless of how big or small, your dream may seem, the firm is here to hold your hand and walk with you every step of the way.

Being a pioneer in the self-publishing industry makes Author Solutions a leader. It leads in multiple ways besides those mentioned above. One of the most significant leadership roles of the firm includes launching careers of different authors via its exclusive named AuthorCentric.

The platform (AuthorCentric) puts the authors in the picture in charge of their creations while at the same time guiding them via a team of experts. Working with Author Solutions thus guarantees you the support you need and total control of your creations simultaneously. In the end, you create a book under the guidance of the best team in the market but with your vision and desires.

The firm provides global self-publishing services via a collection of more than ten supported imprints. Moreover, it also partners with famous industry leaders, including HarperCollins Christian and Simon& Schuster. The partnerships with such leaders, retailers and distributors like Indigo Chapters and Ingram are essential for acquiring resources to support authors. Visit this page on LinkedIn, for related information.

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