Bio Ritmo, SmartFit Founder Edgard Corona Acquires Chilean Notable Gym Firm

When Edgard Corona started a gym, which evidently turned out to be a fitness startup in Brazil, many people said he is a fool. Assuming they were justified, these people argued that by setting up a fitness company in a country that is dominated by other fields such as football, Edgard was on his way to losing his investment. “It is a matter of time before he realizes that he did the worst mistake of his life,” some critics argued. However, Edgar was determined. He soldiered on, something that his critics now say was the ‘best decision’ made at the right time.

Before founding SmartFit, Edgard was already known as the Bio Ritmo commander. Perhaps, the growth his business has garnered in later years is an eventuality of firm resilience in the initial steps. After several years of trying moments, Edgard Corona’s SmartFit Company has grown from a fledgling startup in a country full of football fans to what now others call a regional company.

True to this, in 2017, Edgard Corona made a huge step when he announced that plans were underway to acquire what then seemed to be a stable fitness startup in Chile. A few weeks after the announcement, Edgard Corona officially acquired Inversiones O Dos. In less than 12 months, SmartFit’ made another announcement.

This time, the Bio Ritmo CEO said that his new outfit, Corona’s firm had recorded R$1 billion in revenue. The revenue was one of the biggest achievements SmartFit had ever recorded, which Edgard attributed to the recent acquisition.

Over the years, Edgard Corona has tried all legitimate means to discover new markets. As a result, his fitness company is now present in other countries in Latin America. Some of the countries Edgar’s company has infiltrated include Peru, Mexico, Colombia, the Dominican Republic and Chile, where Edgard bought IOD.

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