Renovia Is On The Road To Success With Marc Beer As The Lead

There are all kinds of health-related problems out there that are affecting people in negative ways. Luckily, men like Marc Beer are dedicated to finding new ways to combat these illnesses and he is currently doing so with his latest company, Renovia. Renovia is a new startup by Marc, but they have already received quite a large amount of funding and traction throughout their region. More than 40 million dollars was raised during Marc’s Series B funding round. Renovia is currently focused on a particular disease, one which is primarily related to women known as pelvic floor disorder. Women of nearly all ages can get this disease which is majorly difficult to live with on a daily basis, especially in more severe cases.


Marc Beer has spent most of his career working at different pharmaceutical companies, specializing both in research as well as the development of products. With more than 20 years of experience behind him in the industry today, Marc is well prepared for his journey with Renovia Inc and he has been incredibly successful thus far. As the Chief Executive Officer and chairman for Renovia, it has become his primary focus in life and his career ever since 2016 when he started up the company.


Marc’s academic career consists of a bachelors degree from Miami University, which was more than sufficient to get him started in business for himself. Since finishing his education, Marc Beer has become experienced in many different areas, including sales, marketing, pharmaceuticals, and more, which contribute to his success as a businessman today. In the past, he has served as Viacell’s CEO and director for Abbot Labs. The experience he gained working for these companies has given him the leadership skills he needed to successful managed Renovia as a healthcare company.


Renovia has two co-founders as well that helped Marc launch the company, though Marc is responsible for backing the initial funds to start off the company. So far, their efforts have been successful in developing Leva, their first drug to treat pelvic floor disorder. In less than two years, Renovia has created a seemingly effective treatment that has already been approved by the FDA. With more funding, Renovia could improve the technology behind Leva and make it more portable for women so that distribution can be greater and easier on an international scale. Learn more: