How to be Happy and Healthy Despite ADHD!

Neurocore Brain Performance Center is the perfect place for parents who are raising children with ADHD. The issues that can arise in school can be troubling at times and many parents haven’t been equipped with the proper tools to effectively help their unique children. The teachers often don’t offer any additional assistance or proper guidance. It’s easy to get fed up and frustrated. But, you don’t have to be. Children with ADHD can be boundless little bundles of joy once you understand them. They have very unique minds and simply want to be engaged. They aren’t unruly or anxious or (heaven forbid) “bad.” Their minds just have a little excess energy which needs to be focused.

When parents begin to understand their children life becomes much easier. Neurocore doctors have established a few steps for parents to assist their children in coping with ADHD. The first step is to establish a structure. Children, no matter where they are, all dersire structure. It makes them feel safe and secure. They can feel confident in the world around them. When a child with ADHD has a few daily activities they can look forward to it makes life easier to cope with. It alleviates stress at school and teaches the child that there are certain times and places for certain activities. Read more about Neurocore at

The second step is to enroll your children into extracurricular activities. Not only will they become more well rounded but they will also have a healthy outlet for their excess energy. Incorporate the activity into their daily routine and they will always have something to look forward to! Their levels of concentration will skyrocket and their performance in school will rise. Activities with constant motion, like karate, ballet, or ice skating, are perfect candidates for children with ADHD as they will learn focus, discipline, and creative expression.


The third step recommended by Neurocore Brain Performance Center doctors for children with ADHD is set expectations and rules. These rules should be clearly defined and set in place to assist the child’s growth. By adding structure to the home environment the child will know what is expected outside and at school. Keep a steady hand, but refrain from being too strict as this will have the opposite effect of desired behavior and possibly result in eliciting unresolved anger and depression in your child; praise your child often for desired behavior and be sure to reinforce their behavior with affection and acknowledgement. These tips from Neurocore will help you raise a happy, healthy child despite ADHD! Read more about Neurocore at