Mike Baur: Founder Of The Swiss Start Up Factory, Supporter Of Innovative Tech Ideas

An entrepreneur and businessman, Mike Baur has had quite a significant influence on many companies and business. He is the founder and stands as the managing partner at Swiss Start-Up Factory, a company that offers a unique insight into business strategies for companies that are looking to set up in different industries. The Swiss Start-Up Factory aims to support organizations and companies with a certain amount of financial backing. Through the company and because of the clients that he has helped, Mike Baur has gained an impressive reputation for the work that he does.


Even before he founded the Swiss Start-Up Factory, Mike Baur used to invest in startups and businesses that he felt would do well in the industries that they were in. He had been investing for a while before he decided to open up a company that would help him conduct his work on a more streamlined level, and so that startups could easily find a place that they could seek investors.


Even though Mike Baur was always proficient with the financial field, he only started investing on a larger scale in 2014. Before this, he worked in the banking sector and worked at a number of well-known banking names. In the 1990s, he began working for a company known as UBS and climbed the ladders of the corporate scene immensely through the years.


Even though Baur was serving at an incredibly notable position, he wanted more from his career. He always was drawn towards entrepreneurial ventures and wanted to be able to support big ideas, which is what had led him to this career path. To Baur, quitting his job in the banking sector was one of the best decisions that he made.



Because of the experience that he has gained, he often extends his knowledge to new investors and entrepreneurs who are looking to get into the field. Tech investing, in particular, is one of the arrays that Mike Baur wanted to support actively. Through the company that he started, he was able to help companies that were distinguishing themselves in the tech field. By supporting tech projects, Mike Baur has given life to several big names that are offering a unique approach to the field and are contributing to the overall development of society. A lot of the projects that the company has managed to start have grown extensively, becoming well-known names that have customers all over the world.




Mike Baur was born on 1975 as Switzerland. He is a great entrepreneur who has cemented his place globally. He is attributed with the founding Swiss Start-up Company. Being brought up by a business family, he developed the desire to learn more about the firm. His tremendous passion in the area made he pursues a master’s degree in business from a University of Rochester. The institution prepared him for the challenge in the corporate sector. The skills learned also prepared him for the management of the organization. His commitment has enabled him to rise to become an executive board member and also the deputy manager of the Swiss bank.

Being a leader in the organization prepared him well to start his entrepreneurial career. To enable this, he called off his 15 year tenure and teamed with Max Meister and Olivier Walzer where they formed a private firm (Swiss startup Organization). The primary purpose of the organization was to nurture, develop and finance digital entrepreneurs. Mike saw the market as having a big void that could only be filled by young entrepreneurs. The young entrepreneurs had little knowledge and capital that made them not to compete effectively. To attain their goal they wanted to educate them on formulating policies that would be accomplished in a specified duration of time. They saw the education as a sure way in which they would make the young entrepreneurs have an impact in the market.

Factors behind Mike’s success


As masters graduate, Mike has the required knowledge to learn and manage the firm. His prior job in the banking industry has prepared him to run the organization the current position.


Mike has a great heart of the community. It has seen him engage in many philanthropic activities with the aim of helping the community. He sees working with the minority and the young generation would provide him with a better platform to serve the community.



Mike is a big believer in the power of collaboration. It has made him partner with his associates who have helped him realize his dream. Also, Mike plays a primary role in bringing cohesion in the leadership hierarchy.

With such a success at a tender age, mike will rise to become the most influential Global Entrepreneurs.


How Mike Baur Came To Lead Swiss Startup Factory

Mike Baur is the co-founder and Managing Partner of Swiss Startup Factory. This company was founded in 2014 in order to help Swiss entrepreneurs start their own companies that will disrupt existing business models and offer groundbreaking products and services.

Baur developed a strong interest in banking while he was still a child. In order to achieve his dreams he attended the University of Applied Sciences Bern where he earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Banking and Finance in 2000. He continued his education and in 2008 earned his Executive Master of Business Administration at the University of Bern and his Master of Business Administration from the University of Rochester. He started his professional career in 1991 at UBS Wealth Management. He continued his banking career through a number of companies including Clariden Leu and Sallfort Privatbank AG. It was after the financial collapse of 2007-2008 that he became disillusioned with the banking industry and decided to move his career out of it. In addition to Swiss Startup Factory he has also founded two other companies; Baur IS and think reloaded ag.

Swiss Startup Factory uses a three-month startup accelerator program in order to help new entrepreneurs get their ideas off the ground and into reality. During the program they offer everything the entrepreneur needs in the early stages of forming their company’s including office space, mentoring, financing, networking, market research, product development, and professionally taught Pitch training in addition to other services.

At Swiss Startup Factory Mike Baur is focused on helping woman entrepreneurs and so the company started the SSUF Female Founder Network initiative. The company is committed to connecting women entrepreneurs together, providing personal mentors, angel investors, and thorough support of their business ideas. The mission of the initiative is three-fold; to break down barriers and increase the number of female-led startups, to facilitate a network of women founders, and to increase the number of women that take part in their accelerator program. She has also founded a company called L’inouï which produces premium chocolate that is sold in their company-owned retail stores in Bangalore, India.