Who is Doe Deere?

Doe Deere has always been a unique individual. She uses makeup and style as a way to express who she is. You can see this is her hair colors that change after a while. She’s had pink and blue, and we wonder what might be next! She has a great love for rainbow things, and you can see this in her Lime Crime products. Doe has always been an ambitious person, and she was always a dreamer. At a younger age she dreamed of being a musician, which she pursued at the age of 17, when she moved to New York. She even met her husband in the band.


Doe ended up deciding to go into makeup, which she fell in love with. She always had thing for entrepreneurial. When she was just 13, she sold temporary tattoos, and she even wore them herself.


She gives some great advice, she believes that everyone should follow their heart. She believes that everyone is special in their own way and has something unique to offer. She believes that you should go where you love and find yourself. When she was growing up she felt alone and very different from others, which made her believe that many other people felt that way, and that is the reason that she created her famous “Lime Crime.” Learn more: http://inspirery.com/doe-deere/


Doe always had a love for bold colored makeup, but in the year of 2008, they were almost impossible to find. She searched for the bold colors she wanted, but couldn’t find them. People were still into the natural look, so Doe decided to make her own. More people desired the bold look, which is why Lime Crime was so successful. Makeup gives Doe, and her customers the freedom to be who she wants to be. Doe states that we express ourselves with what we put on our bodies, for example; makeup, clothing, and hair. They are all ways to express yourselves and be exactly who you want to be, and that is what Doe loves. Doe loves to be unique, and you can see this is her work!