Barbara Stokes- Giving survivors of disasters a home

The best help that victims of disasters can receive is a safe place to live. Even though it is temporarily housing to help them live safely as they rebuild their lives, this is something very important to them. The organization which is responsible for such services in the United States is called Federal Emergency Management Agency. FEMA works with various contractors in order to meet the responsibilities that are placed on it. One of these organizations is Green Structure Homes whose main responsibility is to provide safe and reliable shelter to victims of disasters. Learn more about Barbara Stokes at Crunchbase.

GSH is a company which has a history of building automated fire suppression system in homes. These are homes which are supposed to stabilize the environment for disaster victims. After a disaster, what people want is a safe place where they stay as they plank on building their lives afresh. The fire suppression system ensures that the temporarily home is safe for the victims of disasters. The fire suppression technology was started by GSH which is headed by Barbara Stokes. As a professional in the engineering sector, she is exploring new ways of applying various engineering innovations in the construction of safe houses. These homes which are installed with life-saving equipment allows victims of disasters to have peace of mind as they rebuild their lives. Follow Barbara Stokes on

What such victims need is somewhere they can call home. They need comfortable houses which will make them forget the disasters which befell them. To Barbara Stokes, there is nothing better than giving people a chance to live in secure homes after they have faced a disaster. These are people who need to feel secure and so, creating homes with an additional layer of security would make them feel comfortable.

Barbara Stokes runs this company with the help of his husband who is the COO of the company. They run the company from Huntsville, Alabama. GSH is registered as Disaster Relief Contractor. Due to the high specifications put in place by FEMA, GSH has ensured that they produce materials of very high quality which will meet the needs of the people. The company was established in 2008 and has so far had very good results working with different employers.