The Amazing Comeback of Michael Nierenberg

Michael Nierenberg has distinguished himself in the world of mortgage investment and banking, currently holding the positions of Chairman of the Board, President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for the residential investment giant, New Residential Investment Corp. Before ascending to his position at New Residential Corp, Michael Nierenberg spent time in significant positions at some of the largest names on Wall Street. These include Lehman Brothers, Bear Stearns, JP Morgan, and Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

Starting his impressive career, Michael Nierenberg helped to build Lehman Brothers adjustable rate mortgage business. He moved on from Lehman Brothers to take several senior leadership positions with Bear Stearns, including the head of interest rate and foreign exchange trading operations, co-head of structured products, and co-head of mortgage-backed securities trading.

Michael Nierenberg was at Bear Stearns when the subprime mortgage crisis, primarily associated with the Great Recession in 2008, occurred. Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers, the two firms he worked for, went under. He fought a lawsuit from the Federal Housing Finance Agency, the agency that oversees Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and was accused of lying to federal regulators concerning financial disclosures. Despite this potentially career ending set back, Michael Nierenberg bounced back quickly. Soon, he bounced back to become the head of Global Securitized Products for JP Morgan. After a few years with JP Morgan, Michael Nierenberg filled the same role at Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

Since accepting the position of President and CEO at New Residential Investment Corp, in November of 2013, the residential investment firm has experienced impressive gains. As of the end of year in 2017, New Residential Investment Corp has produced 1.7 billion dollars in total lifetime dividends to shareholders. Such success propelled him to the position of Chairman of the Board in May 2016.

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Jason Hope Banks on Innovation and Smart Technology to Bring a Positive Impact to the Community

Jason Hope has been a strong supporter of SENS Research Foundation, a non profit organization that conducts research on anti-aging, for years. The organization exists with the support of researchers, scientists as well as passionate investors. Mr. Hope contributed his notable donation $500000 to the organization. The organization used the funds to build Cambridge SENS Laboratory. SENS Research Foundation has been making huge strides in coming up with innovative initiatives that fight aging. According Jason Hope, SENS focuses on finding cures for degenerative diseases that ages the body. Jason Hope is an accomplished investor, philanthropist and entrepreneur.

Born in Tempe, Arizona, Mr. Hope attended Arizona State University for his bachelor’s degree. He earned his MBA from W.P. Carey School of Business. He went ahead to establish a his successful career in business. He has done a lot of research in the Internet of Things (IoT) and its impact on communities, businesses and economy. He has published many materials on Internet of Things and he believes it comes with a lot of opportunities for growth. Internet of Things is the interconnection of devices such as home appliances, vehicles and much more with an intention of increasing their functionalities. About Jason Hope has a strong interest in the tech niche. He is particularly interested in IoT because of its benefits to the community.

Jason Hope also support various his philanthropic efforts. Apart from an interest in politics as related to business, philanthropy has become a focus for him. He has supported many organizations from many facets of life. He has been focused on improving the quality of life prolonging lives through anti-aging initiatives. The accomplished businessman doesn’t mind supporting an organization that challenges the normal school of thought and take up new challenges. He is interested in organizations that puts innovation first in their efforts to solve problems facing the community. Mr. Hope has built great investment insights and apart from being involved in his several businesses as well as projects, Jason Hope finds time to give back to the community as well as conduct research on niches that have the potential of impacting communities positively. He has developed an interest in automation as well as smart technology because his is a futurist.



Nitin Khanna is an Entrepreneur Who Has Succeeded through Staying Focused and Determined

To succeed in life, you must be ready to encounter various challenges. For instance, you may have to challenge the status quo in the society. Apart from that, you may be tasked with formulating your own standards, and other people may follow. If you are that kind of person, this is an indicator that you have the necessary determination to succeed. An example of such a person is Nitin Khanna.

Nitin Khanna is a prominent entrepreneur who is based in Portland. He is one of the most accomplished investment bankers in the U.S. Apart from that, Nitin Khanna is also an expert in mergers and acquisitions. Since Nitin Khanna is also an immigrant, his success acts as an inspiration to many youths in the U.S. Since his childhood days, Nitin Khanna has always been a disciplined individual.

As for Nitin Khanna, he believes that success comes to the people who are willing to take risks in life. Nitin Khanna took the necessary risks, and he is now a successful individual. As an individual who is knowledgeable about Mergers and Acquisitions, Nitin Khanna was able to found his own company in 2009. He named it MergerTech. Through MergerTech, Nitin Khanna can offer advice on mergers and acquisitions. The advice offered by Nitin Khanna is usually personalized and comprehensive. He utilizes the knowledge and experience that he has gained about mergers and acquisitions over the years. Read more about Nitin Khanna here

MergerTech has been providing some insight that showcases that non-technology and non-US buyers offer better compensation for the US-based technology as compared to the large technology companies that are based in the U.S. Under the leadership of Nitin Khanna, MergerTech has been ranked as a leader in the mobile banking sector. The company has surpassed the likes of JP Morgan, Bank of America, and Goldman Sachs.

As for Nitin Khanna, he has always believed that he has the potential to achieve his dreams and goals. For instance, by founding the Saber Corp. as his first company, the businessman ensured that the company had become the largest provider of government solutions within the U.S. He co-founded the company in 1998. The company also had an employee base of 1,200 individuals. By 2007, the company had amassed revenue worth $120M.

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Brian Torchin Helping Medical Practices to Deal with High Staff Turn-Over

Brian Torchin is an established healthcare professional, entrepreneur, and an author with more than a decade of experience in the medical industry. However, he pays much focus to his venture, a medical staffing firm that mixes with consultancy work.

Brian Torchin has a rich academic history that has propelled him to the established healthcare professional that he is today. He obtained the coveted Bachelor’s Degree certificate from the University of Delaware where he majored in Exercise Science.

Later, between 1992 and 1995, Torchin attended the New York Chiropractic College where he earned a Doctorate certificate in Chiropractic care. After that, he returned to his hometown, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, where he developed the idea of pursuing his career. He worked as a Chiropractor for seven years before deciding to go into entrepreneurship. See more of Brian Torchin at Slideshare.

In 2000, he assumed the position of the Director of Medical Marketing at Practice Management Inc, a position he held for 7 years. In 2007, he established the HCRC Staffing and became the company’s CEO. The firm focuses on recruiting and consultations in the healthcare industry. According to Brian Torchin, the major challenge drawing back medical practices is high employee turnover.

The company emphasizes the need to open up communication channels with physicians and consumers. That’s why there are extended business hours. With branches over 50 states and others across Europe, Asia, and Australia, HCRC avails the best job candidates. Only after employing a chosen staff can a client pay HCRC the chargeable fees.

Additionally, Brian is an avid social media user who holds a Twitter account. On his handle, he promotes his brand through job advertisements. He also provides medical insights on topical issues related to his profession. You can also follow him on Facebook, LinkedIn, among others. Considering his company’s success, it is evident that he has managed to scour a path that only a handful of medical professionals have managed. His success has inspired and provided a guide to young entrepreneurs.

The great thing about his company, HCRC, is that it provides new opportunities for medical professionals through recruitment and consulting operations. That plays a role in improving their living standards. Currently, Brian Torchin’s major focus is to expand his business to higher limits.

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Stream Energy Brings Giving to Dallas With Stream Cares

Philanthropy is part of the culture at direct-selling energy company Stream Company for over a decade. The volume of charitable activity has overwhelmed the informal system they had in place, making it clear that they needed a formal organization in order to move forward. Now Stream energy is announcing the opening of a new office, Stream Cares, a foundation to structure and organize the company’s charity in Texas and throughout the country.

This is common for most American companies. Back in 2016, $19 billion was given by corporations across the United States. That’s a figure that doesn’t cover sponsorships, marketing, or the time and money coming directly from employees. But the creation of a foundation with a company, that is rather uncommon.

Stream Cares will hit the ground running, keeping charity commitments in place while also renewing focus on causes that impact local communities. Stream Energy also sees this new office as away to increase the company’s profile to its customers as a company that has invested in their quality of life.

National organizations have already worked with Stream Cares, like Habitat for Humanity and the Red Cross. Those sorts of partnerships are helpful in extending the reach of a charity on a national scale, but Stream Cares is turning its attention to grassroots organizations that are looking at ways to help local communities that are known to the company.

Dallas, one of Texas’ most populated cities, has a homelessness problem. The number of people without secure living situations has increased 24%, and Stream Energy wants to play a part in helping them off the street.

Stream Cares sought out the Hope Supply Co., dedicated to helping homeless people in Northern Texas. The two foundations held A Splash of Hope, an event for homeless children, where 1,000 were invited to a local water park to spend the day with volunteers from Stream Energy. There was also financial aid and resources for them to take back to their families.

Texas is new to the idea of a foundation like Stream Cares. This is a state that has gained a reputation of lacking generosity. When compared to other states, Texas continually ranks last in charitable giving. Stream Cares is a foundation that can change all that by giving the business community an example of how to care for their home state.

Guilherme Paulus And Recognition For His Hard Work

Guilherme Paulus is going to be a key speaker at the Renaissance theater on November 26th. The event that he is going to speak at is called Forum Conectividade – Hub de Negocios. It is all about the Latin American and Brazilian tourism industries. He is going to be speaking with Pinho, a politician who is involved with tourism. The conversation will be about the what can be done to improve hubs. Airports and various other organizations and entities work together to make hubs into what they are. They are already doing a great job. However, they must look ahead at how they can sustain this quality and perhaps even make it better.

Guilherme Paulus has definitely made his seat for himself in the forum. He has spent the last 47 years operating his tourism company, CVC. In all of those years, it has rocketed up to being in the list of the top three tourist operators in the world. His company has successfully linked different aspects of travel together in such a way that has helped tourists and commuters. He has really been an asset to anyone who likes to travel and/or commute.

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Guilherme Paulus has been frequently recognized for the success of his great company. Recently, his hard work was recognized in the Festival of Tourism of Gramado. Him and another man who worked for his company were given an honorary plaque for having done business in the area for 30 years.

Guilherme Paulus has also been featured in Performance Leader Magazine as a great business leader. He was hailed as being the most powerful businessman in the tourism industry of Brazil. This is a great honor because only one man can fill the spot at the top as the most powerful man. Many years ago, in the 1970s, the man who he started CVC with resigned and went onto other things in life. Guilherme Paulus took the wheel and directed the company on a successful course. Now he sits in the Board of Directors of the company.


Stream Energy : Creating “Stream Cares”

When companies lead on giving back to their communities, only good things come out of it. Stream Energy, an energy and phone plan provider in Texas has recently caught the attention of not only the public but the business world as well. The reason, a move to create a new branch of their company named “Stream cares”. This new branch will focus solely on philanthropic ventures within the community. Lately they’ve had no difficulty in energizing their associates, in fact, many of their current employees volunteered to help out during the recent floodings in Houston caused by Hurricane Harvey. Partnering up with other organizations such as the Red Cross of America and Habitat for Humanity, Stream Energy was able to bring much-needed aid to the people of Houston.

As stated before, other companies in the area have been intrigued by the actions of Stream Energy, so much so that CEO’s have hired advisors to attempt to emulate their methods. Of course, with anything in life, something has to be the motivation other than wanting to help your community. Because other companies have seen the potential for brand loyalty and respect, the investment in charitable foundations is worth it. However, for Stream Energy, many believe they still have a leg up in this race, and the reason comes down to their very different business model.

Stream Energy associates are tasked to make connections within their communities in order to offer fixed rate energy plans and or phone plans to go along with it. Because of these close connections with their customers, many associates will go on to form passion projects, some being backed by Stream Energy themselves. There is no doubt that Stream has changed the landscape of Texas business. Although some might feel jaded by the pursuit of wanting a good brand name, in the end, both the community and the company come out as winners.

Shervin Pishevar Sees an Economic Downturn

In February 2018, Shervin Pishevar made a series of tweets about the economy and how it would fare for the rest of the year. Those tweets may make individuals who hold Bitcoin or are heavily invested in the stock market a little nervous. Let’s take a closer look at why this may be the case.

Bitcoin Could Fall to $2,000 a Coin

If Shervin Pishevar is correct, perhaps the most popular digital coin in the world is going to fall to about $2,000 a coin. This would represent a significant drop from its highs of close to $20,000 a coin. One piece of good news would be that once the fall comes to an end, it will likely start to see some upside momentum again.

The Stock Market Could Lose 6,000 Points

The stock market is poised to lose about 6,000 points at some point according to Shervin Pishevar. In addition, the bond market is likely to go through its own period of volatility, which may make it less of a safe haven. Generally, when the stock market becomes less predictable, people put their money in bonds to preserve their capital.

Put Your Money In Gold

Pishevar says that individuals who are looking for a true safe haven should look at gold instead of bonds. Gold tends to keep its value during times of volatility in other sectors of the market. This is because it is highly valued by those who don’t trust that economies are built on nothing but paper currency. It is also valued for its intrinsic value and the fact that having a lot of gold is considered a positive status symbol.

There is no way to tell if Shervin Pishevar is able to correctly predict what American markets are going to do. However, there is nothing wrong with getting information from those who have experience in the financial market. Listening to what they have to say may help to make a person more fiscally literate.

Coming Full Circle: Sandy Chin

Sandy Chin is a woman who knows the meaning of the word mentor. She has become one of the premier women in the stock portfolio industry. She was a political science major in her college years and almost went to law school. When she saw an opportunity to work at Donaldson, Lufkin, and Jenrette she took advantage of it. Over the years she has been mentored by a man named Bill Leach and she has never looked back. She is now making her own mark to the selling and buying of consumer staple stocks. Things have come full circle for Sandy Chin.

Sandy Chin talked with about her career and what it meant to be mentored by Bill Leach. She says he was a great teacher and could give her the inside track on what it means to buy and sell stocks for a living. She says that she was only one of two associates that he has hired over twenty years. She said that she learned by being able to attend meetings and tag along with him. She says that he is one of the top men in the business. She was able to discern what body language to use during conferences and how to value stocks in the short and long-term.

Sandy Chin says that she learned valuable lessons from Bill Leach over the years. One of the most important things she learned was to not pass up a chance to have a meeting with a new small company. New companies can provide stock sellers and buyers with new insights into the industry. Another important lesson she learned was to ask lots of questions during meetings or phone calls with other analysts. By doing this, one can develop friendships with other analysts in the business and the answers analysts give can give insight into future movements of certain stocks or the market altogether. One final thing she learned was to invest her own money. When she did this it gave her keen insight into how the stocks fluctuate and she can give personal experience to other investors in the field.

Sandy Chin would not be where she is today without the help of those around her and her mentor Bill Leach. Taking the time to learn is just as important as taking the time to mentor future analysts. This is how Sandy Chin got to the top.


Marathon Pharma Improves The Injection Process

Medicine has certainly come a long way in recent years. Diseases that were once death sentences are now just an inconvenience. While most of the world’s worst diseases still haven’t been cured, much progress has been made in the treatment department. It is now much easier for people with serious medical conditions to live healthy and more-or-less normal lives. We have many fine scientists and doctors to thank for these advancements, as no one would dispute. But in all fairness, we should give a little credit to the pharmaceutical companies as well.


It has become fashionable for people to badmouth “big pharma,” and in some cases, this attitude may even be justified. However, it is only fair to give these companies and their people credit for the large amount of good work that they have done in advancing the treatment of various diseases and conditions. One company that has really done a lot in the research department is Marathon Pharmaceuticals.


For all our advancements, we still haven’t moved past certain primitive methods. The injection has been a popular method of delivering medicine to a patients bloodstream for many years. The subcutaneous injection, as we know it today, was invented in the year 1844 by an Irish doctor named Francis Rynd. Isn’t it strange that this method is still so common? You would think that someone would have at least improved the process by now!


A company called Marathon Pharmaceuticals has done exactly that. Their new product, called Zingo, is mainly intended for children who regularly require injections of medicine to deal with their conditions. While an adult may not think much of the minor pain of an injection, a child tends to be much less able to tune out the pain.


Zingo is a new type of local anesthetic based on a lidocaine mixture. It is applied to the injection site so as to numb the area. While the use of local anesthetics is not new, it was not practical in the past to use them on something as minor as a routine injection. Not only have they come up with a new formula, but Marathon has also found ways to produce this medicine at a price that anyone can afford.