The ability of Whitney Wolfe in transforming the world into a better place

Technological advancement has led to increased human interaction across the globe. The digital era has witnessed the transformation of the communication channels to new and sophisticated modern channels. As such, women have emerged to take advantage of the opportunities lying in the modern technological era. Whitney Wolfe has been instrumental in the empowerment of women through the development of online technology. She has used the internet as an instrument to educate young women about self-esteem and personal growth. She developed Bumble which is one of the hottest dating apps that has taken the internet by storm. Whitney Wolfe is an iconic name in the dating industry has been a co-founder and a technological executive at Tinder. This is a dating app that saw her perform exemplary well before moving to a position of vice president. As such, the experience acquired made her an expert in the field that would later manifest in the development of Bumble.

The Bumble dating site has revolutionized the way dating was done by introducing new techniques in online dating. The app is one of a kind female-first dating app which has put the interest of both women and men first. The app has changed the way traditional apps used to operate where men were expected to make the advances to women. On Bumble, women have been empowered to know their rights in the dating world by enabling them to make advances to men of their interest. Whitney Wolfe had a vision of developing a progressive and successful app that would bring women and men across the world together to achieve a common goal. To date, the dating site boasts of over 30 million users across the world with the majority coming from the United States of America.

With such following, the app has been valued at an estimated cost of over half a billion dollars. Due to her innovative nature, Whitney Wolfe has continued to transform the industry by opening new avenues of opportunities. She has developed Bumble BFF and Bumble Bizz that have been incorporated into the app. The new features are geared towards introducing a new dimension in the dating site where users can establish business contacts and long-term relationship. Whitney Wolfe was born in Salt Lake City, Utah. She later joined the Southern Methodist University where she developed the skills and urge to develop business solution through new innovations. She has also acquired a lot of skills through her tour of other western countries.

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How Kate Hudson is Taking Fashion Back from Amazon

Right now, if you were to look at the prospect of selling fashion on Amazon, you would find one fierce competitor. That one competitor is Kate Hudson. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics, is taking the fashion industry by storm, something that the world did not think could be done. The business has grown more than $250 million in just three years time. That is not for the faint of heart in the world of business. The activewear movement is getting a lot of attention, but the most interesting part of this is that the subscription model works for them. Why? They are focused on athleisure.


This market for the trend of athleisure is doing well with those who live a very busy lifestyle. Most purchases appear to be made by those who want to go from the office to the gym or vice versa. During a time when companies have encouraged their employees to use their treadmill on breaks to achieve better health, many are looking at Fabletics closely. The success is all in the reverse showroom technique. They have been offering personalized service online, allowing the customer to make their choices and get service and their best choices all at a reasonable price.


This has lead to a more customer-centric experience, and now that is transferring into opening physical stores. This year, more physical stores which have performed well in Hawaii, California, Illinois and Florida. Fabletics turned browsing online into a positive thing, thus building relationships long before they began to open physical stores. This is why they are now seeing more folks in their store locations that are still getting great service and finding what they want at the price they desire.


It’s easy to love what Kate Hudson is doing with Fabletics, because it empowers women. It also gives them freedom to choose and for women of all sizes to look good and feel good about themselves. Her unique proposition? She went from “Almost Famous” to working with Fabletics without a business background. Regardless of her business acumen, Kate has been involved in a true hands-on fashion since the very beginning.


She is reviewing sales numbers and knows exactly what is happening and where at what time. It is unreal for an actress to be so hands on when she could be solely only focused on another movie or TV show. The TechGroup Style founders knew that Kate Hudson was the best choice.