Sandy Chin Recently Shared Strategies and Business Ideas For Young Entrepreneurs To Follow Up

For 20 years Sandy Chin has been covering consumer staples and in 2016, she founded Tidal Bore Capital which is a staple focused hedge fund. She was a portfolio manager at Visium Asset Management prior to founding the hedge fund. For two years, Sandy has been involved with SAC Capital Management and worked there as an analyst.


Before she started her career working for her mentor, Sandy worked at the Bank Of America and Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette. She did her BA in political science from Barnard College and earned an MBA from Stern School of Business, New York University.


Recently in an interview, she discussed her strategies and learnings from her experience in the industry. Sandy recalled how she skipped law school after majoring in Political Science. In that period of time, she was hired by Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette which is a sell-side research firm and later worked with her mentor for the next ten years. When asked about the current trend that excites her, she was prompt to say the signs of cannabis legalization in the staples arena was an interesting fact to her.


She discussed the strategy which helped her expand the business. Sandy claimed that she never turned down a meeting irrespective of the designation or the urgency. She insists the young entrepreneurs perceive and analyze every opportunity that presents itself and to finally make the most out of it. As an entrepreneur, she believes failures are inevitable and need to be overcome at any cost. She admits that the excessive exposure to a sub-sector in her industry took a hit on her portfolio.


Lastly, she was asked to share a business idea she would want entrepreneurs to make something out of. Her idea of an app integrated dog rental service for scheduling the dog for peak walk times thus lowering the burden on the owner.


Sandy Chin claims to have trained her mind to comprehend information faster and accurately by capitalizing the exposure to just one sector for a period of 20 years. This ability helps her to make critical decisions for consumer staples.


Matt Badiali Points to Alcohol For Profitable Cannabis Investments

The cannabis industry in Canada is preparing itself for a huge windfall in the wake of Canada’s upcoming legalization of marijuana. Marijuana, one of the various “sin” commodities recreationally available to the public, has been slowly gaining legalized ground for years. Although medical marijuana has made great strides only a few places allow recreational use. Canada’s legalization is a huge step forward, and promises to make the industry attached to it a lot of profit. Stateside most investors can do nothing more than watch the show, but some are finding round about way to take part. Matt Badiali has a few safe suggestions that could net a nice bit.

Not all cannabis in Canada comes from Canadian sources. Stateside providers also supply Canadian markets. Any business that exports cannabis to Canada will experience the same rise in profits as companies based in Canada itself. Investing in these companies has the possibility of bringing nice returns, but not all companies are reliable so homework is necessary. The cannabis industry also relies on other various forms of technology and industry to run. This an be anything from farming equipment to transportation. Many companies that provide this sort of service are also based in the U.S. More business for cannabis means more business for them as well. Investing in these businesses can also net round about profits.

The biggest opportunity Matt Badiali vouches for revolves around the alcohol industry. Companies like Coors, Constellation, and Heineken are investing in cannabis-infused drinks. The trend is a very popular one, and is being touted as the future of recreational marijuana. According to Matt Badiali the investments these companies have already made in cannabis have opened a lot o investment doors. The potential for profit is large, especially with all of Canada and parts of the U.S. able to play. This new innovation could change the face of both cannabis and alcohol so the potential is endless. Matt Badiali prospects alcohol investments as the safest opportunities to take advantage of for stateside investors. Once cannabis legalization is fully integrated and product hits the shelves the real numbers will do the talking.