About Sussex Healthcare

The caring staff at any of the Sussex Healthcare homes are impressive enough. The living spaces in these beautiful care homes is unprecedented in a personal home care facility. Some of these lovely care homes are located in gorgeous former villas and spectacular castle buildings. The decor is stunning, and visitors are surprised by the homey feel. While there is no place like home, these care homes do a proud imitation with their strategic “home away from home” interior designs. Sussex Healthcare has been a regional favorite care home for more than 25 sensational years. They strive to provide the greatest level of healthcare and supportive services so families can breathe easy and residents can relax.

These phenomenal healthcare homes provide services to elderly residents at least 65 year of age. They have specially designed care homes for individuals that have a dementia or Alzheimer’s diagnosis. These customized units are outfitted with superb safety features, and the units include helpful memory boxes that aid in orienting residents. The pretty private rooms are also decorated with the resident’s familiar belongings. Special reminiscence therapy sessions comfort the residents and allow them to communicate on things that they remember better. The staff members in these facilities are given extra training to ready them for the tasks.

The residents of Sussex Healthcare enjoy their day to day structured activities designed to stimulate them physically and mentally. These activities cover a broad spectrum of pursuits including crafts, art lessons, music therapy and resident cookery sessions. Competent physiologic and occupational therapists complement the top-notch nursing services. In addition, devoted recreational therapists plan unique patient centered activities and fun group sessions. The residents are encouraged to pursue new interests, and they are motivated to live their lives with dignity and comfort. Sussex Healthcare delivers reliable services and programs that allow individualized care for every resident.

The care plans for residents are evaluated and updated on a regular basis. All of the healthcare and supportive disciplines meet to come up with a holistic plan of care. This ensures that residents will have the customized treatment care that Sussex Healthcare has long been known for. There are facilities that cater to profound physical and learning disabled young adults. The facility and grounds are set up to empower the residents to be as independent as they are able. High tech equipment and various technological aides are used in these custom settings.

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IDLife Brings Revolutionary Developments To Health And Wellness Of People

IDLife is a wellness and health firm that has revolutionized the world with customized nutrition. The principle behind the company’s products is to ensure that they are different for each client because people are not alike. People have different nutritional needs, so the company ensures that it fully satisfies its clients. The company’s mission is the provision of high-quality programs and products to help people lead a healthy lifestyle.

All products offered by IDLife are keenly tested and approved by independent laboratories for maximum nutritional absorbability, purity, potency, and solubility. IDLife products are made of quality ingredients that are casein free, gluten free, soy free, and GMO-free.

You can start experiencing a new healthy lifestyle by visiting their website and fill out the confidential and free health assessment. The answers given by the client generate a report that gives recommendations and a customized vitamin program.

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Logan Stout is the current chief executive of IDLife. Mr. Stout is an accomplished entrepreneur with a good background in business. Logan was also a professional Baseball Player at Dallas Patriots. Mr. Stout is passionate about wellness and health of people. IDLife has grown exponentially since Logan founded it in 2014. Logan’s outstanding business and leadership skills have helped grow his company.

Recently, IDLife reported its collaboration with Garmin which develops GPS devices. Garmin also offers unique wearable fitness gadgets. IDLife added a feature to its website that offers customers an option to buy Garmin Vivo fitness trackers. The tracker is specially designed to work well with IDLife’s mobile application. The device helps customers to calculate their nutritional needs and also to track their exercise.

Garmin and IDLife partnered because they both believe that health is not just a matter of numbers or nutrition alone. The two companies have come up with plans for their clients to achieve overall wellness and health by incorporating a holistic approach. Garmin has an Index Smart Scale that measures body fat percentage, body water content, and body mass among other useful metrics. Such metrics enable people to get an accurate view of their wellness as opposed to the use of body weight and BMI alone. Additionally, Garmin gadgets measure pulse rate and walking among other activities.

Learn more about IDLife: http://www.gcreport.com/logan-stouts-idlife-partners-garmin-enhance-idwellness-app-features/