Copa Star: Being Sick will Never be Boring

It’s safe to say that Copa Star hospital just raised the bar on world class health care. Having built a 21,000 sqm hospital, it is packed with the most modern conveniences and amenities a hospital could wish for. It is indeed a five-star hospital. Patients can now relax and recover from injury, surgery or illness without having to feel stressed out. This is because of the exceptional customer service and great environment Copa Star has provided for patients. It’s not just the patients the hospital thought of, if you are visiting or staying to look after a loved one, you will be ensured a very pleasant stay! Visit the site Rede D’Or for more info.

The building was designed by RAF Architecture company and by the famous architect Roderigo Sambaguy. When he designed the building, he was mind full of what is seen and not seen. By seen, it is meant by the general aesthetics of the building and design etc. The not seen part would be the materials that went into making the building complex. This includes state of the art material such as Penebar structural joints, which greatly reduce damage from outside sources such as storms.

This hospital has 59 intensive care units, state of the art diagnostic centers, MRI capability and all of the usual equipment’s you would expect from such an establishment. The hospital is also digitally savvy. This means patients will be able to control various aspects of their life and environment by just touching a button on an iPad! Through the iPad, they will be able to control room temperature and even have conference calls with their physicians and nurses. All this is made possible by an app designed just for Copa Star hospital! Talk about taking healthcare to the internet age!

But what about day to day life? Hospital Copa Star thought of this and went out of their way to make patients feel comfortable. For starters, patients can say goodbye to boring hospital food.  View the design at RafArquitetura