Securus Technologies Is Keeping The Inmates Connected With Their Families

I have asked several prison officials about the name of the company that comes first to their mind with regard to providing safety in the Facilities. And the answer that I get each time is Securus Technologies.


This is a company that is focused on providing for the needs of the customer. Hence they are upgrading all the time. In fact, they are always asking for feedback from their clients. Securus Technologies is a company that prides itself on coming out with a new product, or making modifications to an existing one, nearly every week.


Securus Technologies is always asking its existing customers, as well as the new ones to visit its Knowledge Center. This is where the new products are displayed. Securus Technologies is well aware that people will use their products only after they are aware of their existence.


I have seen how Securus Technologies is receiving thousands of emails and letters from its customers all the time. These discuss how their products are helping to keep the Facilities safe. Besides, these are also mentioning what more is expected from Securus Technologies by their customers.


While phone call services were required by jail inmates earlier, now this need has been replaced by video calling. Hence Securus Technologies has upgraded its services accordingly. They understand that it is very important for the jail inmates to remain connected with their friends, families and loved ones. This is because they have to come out of the jail one day and become a part of the real world. By remaining connected, they can adjust in a better way once they come out of jail. Also, the families feel better as they can see their loved one behind bars and know that he is alright. In this way, the Facilities become a safer place too.


Securus Technologies – Offering Award Winning Customer Service

For years, one of the companies in the correctional industry that has been offering consistent services is Securus Technologies. The company has made tremendous progress since the time it opened doors to the public in the year 1986. It offers a broad range of products and services to the inmates as well as the law enforcement officers. Starting from video visitation, video services, phone services, and more, there are many different services that the company has come up with to ensure that the inmates can remain in contact with their relatives and friends at a nominal cost.


The services of the company are fluid and economical, and to back it up, Securus Technologies also have an award winning customer service. The customer base of the company is huge, and it maintains over a million and a half inmates in North America, and more than 3,400 law enforcement and correctional agencies use its services.


Securus Technologies believes that the correctional sphere is in dire need of modern technology as it is what would help in reduce the crime rate and make it easier for the law enforcement officers to protect the citizen. The company has come up with some of the most advanced investigative tools and technology, which are considered a breakthrough in the industry. Securus Technologies loves to keep the customers and investors notified about its progress, and it is why the company recently published a press release online.


In the press release, Securus Technologies showcased the appreciation it is getting from different law enforcement officers from across the country. As per the law enforcement officers, the company is doing a tremendous job in modernizing the law enforcement agencies and ensuring that the crime rate in their respective areas is reduced drastically. I have used the law enforcement and crime prevention technology of many different companies in the past, but the products and services offered by Securus Technologies are by far the best available on the market today.


Securus Technologies’ Solutions Are Revolutionizing Crime Prevention

Securus Technologies is a leading tech company providing security services to correctional facilities and other justice-administering systems. Securus entered the industry in 2004 following a successful merger between Evercom and T-Netix. Three years later it became a leading international brand in offender management systems. It provides an array of services including parolee tracking, information management, and inmate communication solutions. It has its headquarter in Dallas Texas with regional offices in Atlanta Georgia and four others in Dallas Metro area.


Since it began operations, the company has acquired nine different companies to improve its service delivery. The companies include Primonics, DirectHit Systems, Archonix Systems, Satellite Tracking of People, Telerus and JLG Technologies. Guarded Exchange, Cellblox, and Jpay are also some of the organizations that the firm acquired recently. Besides, buying other business, it has partnered with other agencies such as Harris Corporation. The two companies partner in 2016 to develop “Cell Defender” technology.

Over the years Securus Technologies has specialized in tailoring its solutions to meet specific needs of correctional facilities and crime control agencies in different communities. As a result, it develops new products on a weekly basis. Currently, it serves over 2600 correctional facilities across 45 states in the US and more than one million inmates. It has as well expanded its customer base to Mexico, District of Columbia and Canada.


Securus Technologies products have registered high customer satisfaction rates, and it enjoys tremendous positive feedback through letters and emails. Its call monitoring service is one of the most appreciated products. Crime prevention agencies have used it in investigations to follow suspects and stop many crimes. In prisons, the system has been used to monitor drug selling and abuse in the facilities as well as suspicious conversations.


Location-Based Software is another product that law enforcers have found beneficial in their line of duty. By using LBS in conjunction with other software such as Investigator Pro, they have recovered assets, cash and drugs worth millions. THREADS and Inmate Table Project are other revolutionary solutions that Securus Technologies have developed. The tablet is loved by the inmates and the correctional facilities officers alike. Through the tablets, Securus has improved safety within the facilities by providing a communication tracking tool in the form of a handset that the inmates enjoy using.


The cutting-edge technologies have made Securus a company of choice for many correctional facilities in the US. However, the company has greater plans. Its vision is to continue assessing and developing solutions that will make investigations easier. Wireless Containment Solution is its latest product launched in 2017 that prevents fake phones from using mobile networks. Its aggressive commitment to transform the incarceration sector and enhance public safety has earned Securus support from many stakeholders in crime prevention.



Making Everyone’s Jobs Easier

Two of the more common methods for criminals to keep performing illegal activities while behind bars are telephone and email communications. While these services are obviously meant for above-the-board uses, criminals find ways to perform fraud and other types of theft over the phone and on the internet. Securus Technologies has been in the business of crime prevention and solutions long enough to not only know this, but to know how to make these technologies better for the purpose of combating illegal uses of communications in prisons.


They are continually on the cutting edge of technology year after year and are always devising and implementing new products. The vast amount of law enforcement agencies and prison systems across the U.S. know Securus Technologies very well. They have an excellent reputation in law enforcement circles for good reasons. Not the least of which is that they are able to make the jobs of law enforcement officials easier.


For example, the constant and in-depth monitoring systems that Securus can provide can help agencies outside of a prison complex track down where exactly fraudulent activity comes from. In days past, so many reports of fraud went unsolved simply because the communications systems inside of prisons were antiquated compared to what the civilian population had. This is no longer the case for the prison systems which choose to contract with Securus Technologies.