According to Dabie Tsai, Sound Accounting Practices Are Crucial to Every Organization

An audit partner for 11 years, Dabie Tsai was with KPMG for over 23 years. KPMG is a major global accounting firm and is one of the Big Four in the industry. Tsai’s role within the firm led her to living and working in its global locations in the United States, Canada, Spain and Chile.

Dabie Tsai was the Global Lead Audit Engagement Partner for the audit of one of the largest financial institutions in the world, and the lead partner for other large clients. Her experiences have provided her with expertise in corporate governance, US GAAP, SEC 33 and 34 Act filings, IFRS, risk management, internal control and more. She believes that the function of accounting serves as an organization’s measurement of overall performance from a financial standpoint.

As a CPA and established member of the accounting community, Tsai understands the critical role of accounting within the corporate structure and helping to meet corporate objectives. In addition to the key elements of performance, accounting is an integral companion to risk management. The impact of maintaining a strict level of corporate governance and financial oversight of the firm’s activities is great. In this digital and cyber world, a solid accounting structure will continue to play an essential role in every organization.

Dabie Tsai has prepared and implemented coursework for other members in her field of expertise on a national and international level. She has conducted training courses on the topics of technical accounting and auditing procedures, she is fluent in several languages, including English and Spanish. She currently serves as chairperson of the audit committee of Oxfam America, and she is also a board member of that organization.

Small and large companies have an equal need for sound accounting oversight. The accounting professionals are unique in that they are in an industry where the standards are constantly evolving. At the same time, the needs of a business are subject to changes of their own. According to Dabie Tsai, changes in the economy, technology, the competition, and other conditions can have an effect on organizational goals and objectives. Accordingly, it is in the best interest of every company to utilize the appropriate accounting procedures to meet their core objectives and, at the same time, deliver value to their investors, shareholders, and key executives.

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