Paul Mampilly; a giant in the financial investment industry

Among the investment experts known in the industry, Paul Mampilly stands out as being the best. His background reveals deep expertise as an investor. It places him at a spot in the eyes of other investors where his financial investment advice never goes unnoticed.

Paul is a graduate of Fordham University from where he specialized in the area of finance. He has worked in many kinds of companies dealing with funds such as banks and financial investment firms. The banks Paul has served in include Bankers Trust, Deutsche Bank, and ING where they experienced considerable growth and transformation with him on board their executive teams. Kinetics Asset Management tremendously grew its worth of managed assets while Paul was the company’s financial steward.

Paul Mampilly no longer works for corporations. He has dedicated his time, money, and energy as a research analyst to help the standard day to day investors countrywide. Paul is the editor of the monthly newsletter known as Profits Unlimited where he keeps updating his investors on the market trends. The newsletter that informs on numerous investment opportunities has thousands of subscribers.

Paul works from Banyan Hill Publishing where he has been in the company for nearly two years now. He also mans Extreme Fortunes and True Momentum, two companies that are involved in trading businesses. Apart from the monthly Profits Unlimited, Paul also uses Winning Investor Daily to reach out to the common investor where he manages a weekly column.

In a recent interview with Eric Dye on Enterprise Radio, Paul Mampilly in his 20-year experience touches on the changes the stock market has undergone. He reveals that the introduction of computers has brought the most significant change in the history of the market. He explains that the computers replaced human beings and are even better at what they are programmed to do.

In the interview, Paul Mampilly mentions that placing all of one’s money on one stock bet is the greatest mistake an investor could do. He highly recommends that investors should invest in more than one opportunity and also with small amounts of resources to maximize profits and also to minimize loss.

Guilherme Paulus And Recognition For His Hard Work

Guilherme Paulus is going to be a key speaker at the Renaissance theater on November 26th. The event that he is going to speak at is called Forum Conectividade – Hub de Negocios. It is all about the Latin American and Brazilian tourism industries. He is going to be speaking with Pinho, a politician who is involved with tourism. The conversation will be about the what can be done to improve hubs. Airports and various other organizations and entities work together to make hubs into what they are. They are already doing a great job. However, they must look ahead at how they can sustain this quality and perhaps even make it better.

Guilherme Paulus has definitely made his seat for himself in the forum. He has spent the last 47 years operating his tourism company, CVC. In all of those years, it has rocketed up to being in the list of the top three tourist operators in the world. His company has successfully linked different aspects of travel together in such a way that has helped tourists and commuters. He has really been an asset to anyone who likes to travel and/or commute.

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Guilherme Paulus has been frequently recognized for the success of his great company. Recently, his hard work was recognized in the Festival of Tourism of Gramado. Him and another man who worked for his company were given an honorary plaque for having done business in the area for 30 years.

Guilherme Paulus has also been featured in Performance Leader Magazine as a great business leader. He was hailed as being the most powerful businessman in the tourism industry of Brazil. This is a great honor because only one man can fill the spot at the top as the most powerful man. Many years ago, in the 1970s, the man who he started CVC with resigned and went onto other things in life. Guilherme Paulus took the wheel and directed the company on a successful course. Now he sits in the Board of Directors of the company.


Stream Energy : Creating “Stream Cares”

When companies lead on giving back to their communities, only good things come out of it. Stream Energy, an energy and phone plan provider in Texas has recently caught the attention of not only the public but the business world as well. The reason, a move to create a new branch of their company named “Stream cares”. This new branch will focus solely on philanthropic ventures within the community. Lately they’ve had no difficulty in energizing their associates, in fact, many of their current employees volunteered to help out during the recent floodings in Houston caused by Hurricane Harvey. Partnering up with other organizations such as the Red Cross of America and Habitat for Humanity, Stream Energy was able to bring much-needed aid to the people of Houston.

As stated before, other companies in the area have been intrigued by the actions of Stream Energy, so much so that CEO’s have hired advisors to attempt to emulate their methods. Of course, with anything in life, something has to be the motivation other than wanting to help your community. Because other companies have seen the potential for brand loyalty and respect, the investment in charitable foundations is worth it. However, for Stream Energy, many believe they still have a leg up in this race, and the reason comes down to their very different business model.

Stream Energy associates are tasked to make connections within their communities in order to offer fixed rate energy plans and or phone plans to go along with it. Because of these close connections with their customers, many associates will go on to form passion projects, some being backed by Stream Energy themselves. There is no doubt that Stream has changed the landscape of Texas business. Although some might feel jaded by the pursuit of wanting a good brand name, in the end, both the community and the company come out as winners.

Matt Badiali contributions as an investor

Matt Badiali is a prolific investor. His investment analysis is based on the knowledge he has about the mining sector. He can get opportunities when others are getting none. He has a reputation in the industry for helping the average and the less skilled investor learn how to make correct predictions. He is taking as much time as possible to transform the industry into something better. He joined the investment sector a few decades ago, and now he is doing a great job of facilitating the culture of investment in the country. Many people who have followed his advice has seen good results.

Matt Badiali has a degree from Earth Science from Penn State University and masters degree in Geology From Atlantic University. He has been to countries around the world, visiting mining fields to understand how the mining operations in these countries look like. He has also worked with other people, many of them CEOs in mining companies. He has always wanted to know what is going on in the mining sector so that he can be in a better position to guide his followers. In the time that he has been in the industry, he has made sure that the operations of the mining sector are keenly monitored for investment opportunities. As an educated geologist, Matt Badiali does his own analysis and does not need any help to analyze mining data. Every decision he makes is done based on analysis and not what someone else has proposed.

Matt Badiali has built a stable career by helping the average person to benefit from Matt Badiali’s knowledge. He is generous with information and believes that the average investor can create wealth by following his advice. Looking back at the way he has been doing business, it is right to say that he has done a great job. Some of the ideas he has proposed of great value to investors. The idea of Freedom Checks is one of those which he has introduced this year. Freedom Checks is an idea which involves people investing in businesses that are given tax exemptions under Statute 26-F of the internal revenue regulations.

How Gareth Henry has risen to Prominence

Gareth Henry is an entrepreneur who has been recognized as a rising star for his hard work and dedication in business. He attended Heriot-Watt University, and he was honored with a degree in Actuarial Mathematics and Statistics. Gareth also became a fellow of the Society of Actuaries in the United States. In the United Kingdom, he was also in the Institute of Actuaries.

Gareth Henry launched his career as an analyst whereby he went to work with a company called Watson Wyatt. The company is based in London. While working at this company, he rose to become the investment manager when he went to work with SEI Investments. The offices for the company are located in London, Philadelphia. He has had a successful career having also worked with Schroders where he directed the strategic solutions.

In 2007, Gareth Henry left the company and went to work with Fortress Investment Group. He worked for the company as the Head of International Investors Relation for the firm which is recognized around the world. He worked at Fortress for six years, and at the time he was based in London. At this time he was working with Fortress, he helped the firm to come up with strategies that would enable it to attract customers.

Gareth Henry gained a lot of experience working as the Head of Investor Relation at the Fortress, and he went to serve the Fortress Liquid Markets. He was worked as the Global Head of Investor Solutions at the company. While at this position, he had various responsibilities like ensuring that clients receive the services they need. He served clients from different parts of the world like Canada, the Middle East, Asia, and Europe. He was tasked to run the sales and marketing department.

Various firms saw how he was dedicated and they came calling. He was offered the same position at Angelo, Gordon & Co. He was also appointed as the Managing Director. Gareth can learn about the market trends, and that is why he attracted the CEO of Angelo, Gordon & Co. He knew with Gareth they would achieve the mission of the firm. Gareth is also happy to work with other professionals at the company.

Things You Need to Know About Igor Cornelsen

Igor Cornelsen is an investor and a retired banker. He has achieved major successes in the past years and is an inspiration to a significant number of people. Igor started his career at an investment bank before moving to Multibanco in 1974, where he served as a board of directors of the firm. His ability to showcase great skills at the firm saw him receive a promotion as the CEO of the firm. Though Igor acquired a degree of engineering from the engineering school of the State of Panama, he has always had a passion towards the field of entrepreneurship.

Igor`s ability to handle numerous accounting calculations saw him receive numerous promotions in various prestigious banks. He moved to Unibanco in 1978, a bank that was a leader in the sector in Brazil. Igor Cornelsen led the bank towards the achievement of its financial goals for a vast number of years before later moving to Libra Bank PLC, which was a London Merchant Bank. He has served in many other banks through which he gained vast knowledge in the field of investment. Igor is still an investment manager, and he has showcased vast skills in the field of entrepreneurship. Igor has also acquired a great chance to launch various ventures that he manages on a daily basis.

Besides, Igor Cornelsen has also gained a great reputation for his ability to predict new trends in the market before they actually take place. He has guided various firms on the strategies they can adopt early before the new trends affect their businesses and this has seen a significant number of them grow tremendously. Besides, Igor has also strived to offer financial and investment advice to a vast number of investors to help them adopt great approaches in their business operations. His vast understanding of the emerging trends in the market has also seen him achieve notable successes in his ventures.

Additionally, Igor is also a risk taker, and he has always strived to implement new ideas regardless of their nature. His ability to move hand in hand with the ever-changing market trends has also seen him emerge a winner in the business industry.

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Ian King Schools Investors Regarding The Increasing Value Of Bond Markets

Ian King, via a recent article published in Banyan Hill, details how the increasing popularity of bond markets with investors for bond markets is beginning to cause a threat to the stock market. For the most part, the stock market has provided the best results for the two investment opportunities for the last ten years.

King explains in the article that he expects the return rates that the federal reserve places on bond markets to go from the present 1.75 percent to as high as two percent at the end of June. This potential for a guaranteed two percent return on investments made in three-month bonds is becoming quite inviting to investors that want to avoid the market volatility that prevails when investing in stocks.

Ian King points out that yields for bonds have increased steadily over the last year and as of present the 2.74 percent that an investor can gain on a two-year bond is nearly 120 points higher than it was at the same time a year ago. The ten-year note, which is now at a 2.95 yield annually, increased by 62 points. This rise in yield rates plateaus at the 30-year as the yield for this investment is only 17 points higher than a 10-year bond investment.

‘There is no alternative’ has been shortened to the acronym TINA and is used by investors and financial advisors to refer to the lack of market competition for stocks. This is a reminder to themselves that better returns are not possible elsewhere and serves as a note to hold on to stock investments. The effect on the market when the majority of investors began to subscribe to the TINA theory is the slower rise in rates for stocks. Visit to know more about Ian King.

About Ian King

Ian King is a well-known entrepreneur and accomplished trader that has worked in the industry for more than two decades. King makes effective use of the platform provided to him by Banyan Hill Publishing to introduce original content to investors that will support them in their efforts to successfully navigate the cryptocurrency market.

King began his career as a trader with Saloman Brothers where he worked as a desk clerk in the mortgaged bond trading department of the company. Next, Ian King moved on to Peahi Capital, a hedge fund based in New York where he worked for ten years as a head trader of options until joining the Banyan Hill team in 2011.

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A Success Story for Paul Mampilly; Very Touching.

Paul Mampilly was born in a very minute village in India. He was brought up in a very humble background because his father never had the privilege to undergo enough formal education. Due to increased life challenges, his father relocated all his family to Dubai in a quest for greener pastures.

Luckily, there in Dubai, the economy was undergoing very rapid growth because the country had recently started oil mining. This positively impacted the family’s living standards, an aspect that enabled both Paul and his sister to complete and advance their education to college and university level. Follow Paul Mampilly on

From 1986-1991, Paul Mampilly was pursuing his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration at the Montclair State University. He later advanced this by acquiring a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from the Fordham Gabelli School of Business.

Immediately after completing his undergraduate degree, and while still pursuing his Masters,  Paul Mampilly started working for Wall Street as an assistant portfolio manager but was then promoted to a full Portfolio Manager. He later transitioned to Deutsche Bank as a research assistant when the bank acquired a Bankers Trust. It was when working as a research assistant at the Deutsche Bank that Paul Mampilly understood the importance of conducting due diligence before making any investment decision.

After working for the bank for a while, Mampilly moved to ING where he started working as a Senior Research Analyst. Here, he was moved up the ranks to the extent that he started managing large investment portfolios worth millions of dollars.

After working for ING for a while, he was later recruited to manage a hedge fund by Kinetics Asset Management. This is what saw Paul Mampilly break the world record by having one of the best hedge funds worldwide, as indicated by Barron’s Magazine. This was after he grew the company’s portfolio to over $25 billion in assets under management.

Despite all this achievement, Paul still felt that his investment knowledge and assistance was being enjoyed only by the already well-off investors. He decided to retire from portfolio management and joined Banyan Hill Publishing as a senior editor. Apart from this reason, Mampilly also felt that he needed to spend more time with the family and so this decision was ultimate.

Since then, he started dispensing his knowledge using financial acumen in the form of investment newsletters. This way he feels that his benefits can be accessed by common Americans at prices that they can afford and hence promoting their living standards in general. Check:


Ted Bauman Lists Ways To Keep High Worth Assets Safe

Ted Bauman has had some first hand experience with precious metals having traveled around the world and researched in person how they can be great assets. He writes newsletters about buying precious metals and putting your funds in other vehicles besides traditional bank and brokerage accounts. In one of his most recent articles he wrote about what you should do with your high value assets and he suggested investing in security systems so that they won’t be at risk of loss by theft or natural disaster. Read more at to know more on Ted Bauman

Ted Bauman said one of the easiest ways to invest in asset protection is to own a safe. Depending on how much you can budget for a safe, you can find different locking mechanisms to choose from while purchasing one. High-priced safes can be very reliable for storing valuables at home, but it’s not always the most cost-saving investment. Bauman says if you want extra security storing your assets outside your home, a bank deposit box might be the best way to do that. However a bank deposit box is not free of tax laws and if the government took extreme action, your assets in the deposit box could be subject to seizure. But if you want the most security for your assets, a foreign bank deposit box or better yet a vault are probably the best ways to go. Bauman says if you can afford it, a vault is the safest place to keep all your valuables.

Ted Bauman has had quite a distinguished career working with business organizations and non-profit groups all over the world prior to going into full-time investing. He was born in Washington DC but while he was still young he moved with his family to South Africa. He got his economics degree from Cape Town University and then started working in the financing departments of several government-backed agencies. One of his most important endeavors was starting a program of public and private sector partnership to help low+ income and homelessness people get into housing known as Slum Dwellers International. He expanded this program beyond South Africa to Latin America and Asia. Ted Bauman also worked with the UN and World Health Organization during this time, and upon returning to the US and moving to Atlanta, he became managing director of Habitat for Humanity. He retired in 2013 and decided to join Banyan Hill so he could explain to readers there how to build wealth using his experience tips. His regular newsletter is “The Bauman Letter.” Read more:


Michael Hagele Is A Tenacious Businessman Who Makes Life Better For His Clients

Michael Hagele is the outside general counsel for many different tech companies who specialize in biotech, internet, defense, and aerospace, and he also works as an investor who primarily invests in startups that are in their earliest stages. He has started up various firms of his own that work in the hospitality and restaurant sectors. Before today, he worked as the general counsel for venture capital-backed companies who served the internet industry, and there he took care all of their legal affairs. He earned his Bachelor of Arts Degree while attending the University of Iowa and continued his studies at the University of California at Berkeley where he earned his Juris Doctor. Learn more at about Michael.

Michael Hagele has revealed that the idea for his business came from the time he spent as an in-house and outside counsel for different businesses. It was there that he realized the effectiveness of smaller firms and how they have the ability to offer their clients better quality and more cost effective legal services; especially to businesses that operate in the tech industry. He starts out his day by taking care of the kinds of issues that come up on a daily basis with his tech clients, which usually revolves around legal counseling related to intellectual or general property. He also helps to draft and review contracts, which are usually technology related licensing agreements.

Michael Hagele breathes life into his ideas by being tenacious and always sticking it out until the job is done. He has related that its when he has challenged assumptions and worked hard to work with new information that he has had his best results. It is his practice to always put his clients first, and he has commented that this has helped him tremendously as an entrepreneur. Since most of his clients depend on him to take care of some of the more serious matters in their life or business, he feels obligated to do the absolute best job that he can. It is his job to help make his clients’ lives easier, and he does this by putting their business interests first.