Rocketship Education Builds On A Modern Education Approach

Understanding the requirements of the American educational system is a difficult thing to complete for the majority of us. NPR blogger, Anya Kamenetz, developed a story the Rocketship Education CEO Preston Smith believes offers a misunderstanding of the work of the charter school. Preston Smith detailed three responses to the main issues the blogger saw in the charter school system, which Smith believes to be particular strengths of his education model.

The approach to charter schools developed by Rocketship Education has been created with an eye on the development of students. Established in 2006, Rocketship Education was founded by Smith and John Danner, two former public school educators from California. Over more than a decade, Rocketship Education has developed from its original location in San Jose, California to include campuses in Washington D.C., and Nashville, Tennessee. The development of the charter school system has seen a nationwide community built by those who have bought into the development of a new way of teaching elementary school students in the U.S.

Rocketship Education works with the best educators who are interviewed by parents during the selection process. Educators are given training in classroom management, an area Smith believes the NPR blog misunderstood. A campus-wide restroom policy is in place across each Rocketship Education location, which ensures students are given the maximum time to learn during each day. Educators are given control of their own classroom, but managing students is part of a problem addressed through training programs during the first two years as a teacher, in the majority of cases.

Instead of addressing how long a student spends using technology, Preston Smith believes we should assess the quality of the technology being used. Rocketship Education has selected five educational programs, Preston Smith believes assists students in their quest for knowledge.

Finally, how best to mentor those students who are in need of extra tutoring? This question has many answers including the employment of non-certified staff. Trained tutors and mentors play an important role in assisting students as they pass through the Rocketship Education system in a successful way.