The RealReal’s Instagram Page Is More Educational Than You Think

The RealReal has grown into a trillion dollar business since its launch. This online consignment shop wants to share the life of luxury with its customers. They also want to revitalize the consignment industry one brand at a time. Owner and founder Julie Wainwright started her business outside of her home, which then became a brick-and-mortar store.

Since then, it’s become the ultimate site for luxury consignment shopping. The RealReal has earned over $1.5 trillion dollars, has hired over 600 employees, and has various locations across the U.S. that even ship products worldwide. The RealReal makes sure that everything they sell is authentic. That’s why they teamed up with a group of gemologists, authentication experts, and horologists.

They teach their shoppers how to look for authentic designer pieces as well. They learned how to tell the difference between real and counterfeit, which includes the detail of the hardware to the quality of the leather. Take this Instagram post which shows a ridiculous pair of hooped pearl earrings, but for good reason. The brand wants you to see the quality and detail up close. They claim these pearl earrings are more for the modern girl.

Then there are simple posts like this one of a green leather handbag. If you play the video, you’ll see a leopard print hat, a silver boot, and a pair red of sunglasses fall out of the sky and onto the bag. Each of these items is designer pieces that are available on The RealReal.