Organo Gold Products Enjoy Healthy Marketplace

According to statistics from the United States National Coffee Association, coffee is the second beverage of choice behind water among most adults across the world. In 2009 and 2010, international production of coffee is estimated to have totaled 125 million bags according to statistics. These numbers reflect a coffee boon not effected by major recession that was occurring during this time in the United States. View Organo Gold’s profile on

Bernardo Chua and his business partner, Shane Moran, are both experienced marketing professionals. Aware of these statistics, understanding of market cycles and trends, and with an entrepreneurial spirit, these gentlemen embarked on founding Organo Gold Company in 2008. The company is based in Canada. It has expanded to include offices in the United States, a full-time medical consultant later brought on board and partnership with a research center based in China that certifies the organic ingredients that comprise Organo Gold product blends. Shane Moran oversees the direct marketing division of Organo Gold Company.

The products manufactured are considered to be healthy counterparts compared to their competitors. They include:

– Hot chocolate containing the herb, ganoderma

– Green tea including the herb, ganoderma

– Health supplements containing the herb, ganoderma

– Coffee and latte blends including the herb, ganoderma.

The herb, ganoderma lucidum, is said to contain anti-viral properties, and also aids in controlling cholesterol levels. The addition of this herb is what makes Organo products stand out as a healthy choice by consumers. Read more at about Organo Gold.

The Organo Gold Company system is offered in North America, Germany, Austria, Peru, the Philippines and Canada. Its marketing structure is tiered, and distributors earn 50 percent sales commission. Individual distributors are responsible to create and perform their own marketing. The Organo products are not generally carried in coffeehouses, small or larger grocery stores. They are readily available from the individual distributors who purchase them at cost.

Moreover, the structure of the company is such that distributors, sales force and company benefit from overall profits. This is known in marketing parlance as the domino effect.

An atypical earnings year was reported to have earnings range from $350,000.00 to $4 million. The Organo Gold Company has an online website for those interested in securing more information.