How James Dondero Financially Supported The Dallas Community

James Dondero is a philanthropist and an entrepreneur, who has his days occupied with activities that involve improving people’s lives in the Dallas community. Recently he contributed funds to support the Dallas zoo hippo project. The elimination of the hippo habitat in the Dallas zoo in 2001, made the people of Dallas community very unhappy. The management team of the Dallas zoo decided that the hippo habitat should be rebuilt, but they did not have enough money. Dondero donated $1 million to the zoo so that the people of Dallas community can take their families to enjoy the amazing antics of their beloved hippos. The Dallas zoo showed gratitude to Dondero by naming the hippo habitat section after Highland Financial Management which is James Dondero’s financial business. Today the Simmons hippo outpost continues to attract more visitors, and the highland capital lodge is used by people of the Dallas community to hold private occasions. Read more about James Dondero at

The philanthropic commitment of James empowers him to offer financial support to the Dallas community. Besides his donation to the Dallas zoo, James Dondero’s company Highland Capital Management has provided money to the Education is Freedom Charity and Perot Museum. The company also contributed money to George W. Bush presidential museum and library. Through the support and help of Mary Jalonick, James founded the Highland Dallas Foundation, which provides financial support to veterans, students, and charity and public organizations. The collaboration attracted more sponsors who provided funds to the charitable institutions in the Dallas community.


Recently, James Dondero partnered with Linda Owen, who is the former Chief Executive Officer of Woodall Rodgers park foundation. Linda Owen gives her energy and time to ensure Dondero’s foundation is a success. With her assistance, Highland Capital Management has had the chance to help the Family Place Center by presenting a $1million contest. The Family Place Center, a home for domestic violence victim, received more finances due to the mother’s day event organized at the Dallas Zoo. James Dondero is a graduate from the School of Commerce in the University of Virginia’s McIntire, this is after getting a prominent position at the American Express; he became more equipped to advance his career. James is a compassionate, hardworking, smart and talented and these qualities make him a successful businessman and philanthropist. Visit to know more about him.