End Citizens United: Invested in 2018

Founded in March 2015, End Citizens United was formed to fight against political groups who pay large amounts of money to elect the candidates of their choice. The formation of the group followed a 2010 Supreme Court decision that made it easier for limitless, untraceable money to be donated during elections by special interest groups. The questions leading to this decision arose during the 2008 election cycle. Read more news about the group on USA Today.

During the 2008 Democratic presidential primaries, a conservative group known as Citizens United tried to air a negative ninety minute film called Hillary: The Movie. The Federal Election Commission found the film to be a campaign ad. Federal law at the time required political ad funding information to be disclosed, but Citizens United would not reveal who funded the film or the cost of running the film, and sued to have the FEC decision overturned. However, in a unanimous decision, a federal court upheld the FEC ruling.

In 2010, the election was over and Barack Obama had been elected. The U.S. Supreme Court overturned the ruling in a 5-4 decision. The decision gave corporations the right to act as individuals in the election process, and did away with government abilities to place limitations on corporations regarding campaign funding. Corporate contributions to campaigns could now be unlimited and anonymous. Some immediate concerns were the fact that many American companies have multi-national ties and foreign interests, and the unfair advantage given to the wealthy to be able to influence elections.

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End Citizens United clearly establishes their main goal in their choice of name. The group is based in Washington, D.C. The plan is to use grassroots funding to try to counter the influx of corporate cash. End Citizens United will support candidates who commit to working for improvement of campaign finance laws. The ultimate commitment of the group is to overturn the 2010 ruling.

End Citizens United has put together an experienced political team. Tiffany Muller serves as the president and executive director. She and her team have decades of experience working with campaigns and finance. End Citizens United is geared up for the 2018 elections, and the possibilities of moving closer to their goals. View the group’s profile on Politifact.com.

Dick Devos Article Recap

Have you heard the news? There is a new DeVos in Washington. Last year, the Dick DeVos was named to the Management Advisory Council for the Federal Aviation Administration. He joins 12 others including policymakers, aviation officials, and transportation officials. The civilian board will meet once a quarter to discuss policies regarding aviation, as well as budgets, future goals, regulations, and growth for the American airlines industry.


Growth in the aviation industry has been a topic for many years. With sudden declines in the 2000s, the airline industry has picked up, but companies are not always connecting the right rates and packages with customers still. So how does Dick DeVos fit into this advisory council? For one, he is a business leader who has worked within the aviation industry on the side to his main pursuits, which include philanthropy and business leadership.


Many know Dick DeVos as the son of Rick DeVos, founder of Amway. DeVos was born into business leadership and eventually became the President of Amway. He now owns his own firm Windquest Group and has founded Boxed Water. However, that is only scratching the surface of DeVos’ business foundation.


His guidance and partnership with the Gerald R. Ford airport speaks more to his experience. For many years he has worked with the airport to create opportunities for Grand Rapids that would otherwise not to be there. New terminals, more flights, a business center, and upgraded food court will soon be completed under a massive $45 million renovation project that could not have been accomplished without Dick DeVos’ help.


He worked with many of the airlines at the airport to secure better deals and more terminals, particularly with Air Tran Airways, now Southwest. Even the CEO of Southwest has complimented DeVos on his ability to bring great ideas together for the aviation industry.


The president of Gerald R. Ford airport said that the new appointment was a great achievement for the aviation community because DeVos also has the mind of a pilot and educator. He understands the issues facing the airline industry and has overcome some of those within his hometown. With his wife Betsy, he co-founded an aviation charter school right within the Gerald R. Ford Airport, leading students into jobs within the aviation field.


Dick DeVos has faced challenges in the past. His 2006 governor run did not go as planned, and many of the educational policies set forth by him and his wife in Michigan were not successful. His new role in the council should provide better relationships within government to assist the industry and take on a new path for political aspirations.


As Betsy DeVos goes across the country looking to improve educational policy and school safety, Dick DeVos will also be in Washington working on a better future for aviation.


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Betsy Devos: A Political Fighter at Heart

Residents in the town of Grand Rapids, Michigan, have sometimes had a hard time with reconciling the Betsy DeVos they once knew and the Betsy DeVos who now serves as the Secretary of Education for Donald Trump. She used to be seen as generous and pragmatic of heart even by the individuals who disliked her political leanings and her ongoing devotion to charter schools. The new Betsy DeVos has sometimes been called, insulated, unprepared and tone deaf by sharp-tongued critics.


DeVos was first born into a wealthy family in 1958, and she grew up in the Christian Reformed Church of Holland, Michigan. This has largely been a Dutch community on the shores of Lake Michigan. She later got married to Dick DeVos, a man who came from a family that founded Amway. He tried unsuccessfully to run for the office of governor more than 10 years ago. The couple has had four children together who are now fully grown.


Their time has been spent in philanthropy as the billionaire couple has given to political and conservative religious causes. They have also attempted to expand the public funding for school charters through the use of vouchers. This will allow for students to use public school funding to help with paying for private and sometimes even religious schooling.


You shouldn’t feel overly surprised at DeVos’s educational convictions because of how she grew up in a town with deep ties that go back to the Netherlands. Everything from the ethnic to the religious and cultural roots stem from here. In the late 1800s, those in the Netherlands had a fierce debate on what a public education should look like. Some wanted secular public schools while others argued for religious schools, and they spoke about how the religious schools didn’t deserve the same funding, which angered the Reformed and Catholic groups.


The framework of religiously based schools appears to be an idea that both the Trump administration and Betsy DeVos have endorsed. While some critics have voiced a belief in a violation of the separation of church and state, the funding for it has pushed forward, anyway. As critics have noted, DeVos has usually opposed regulation when it came to separating the funding for religious and secular schools. In the process, some say she has decimated the public education system with her broad support of vouchers, which has even stirred up dissension among some of the school-choice supporters. For example, the former Secretary of Education has opposed this even though he has supported some school choice. He, however, does want strict monitoring of it.


Charter schools get public funding, but they operate on a private basis. Her political efforts in this realm have been so big that almost 80 percent of the schools in Michigan operate on a for-profit basis. Others have defended DeVos and said that she isn’t the reason for the dysfunction in the school system of Detroit. In fact, the DeVos family has proven instrumental in helping to create a close-knit and helpful community in the western part of Michigan.


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Betsy DeVos the Secretary of Education

Betsy DeVos was born on January 8th, 1958 to Elsar and Edgar Prince. She studied in Holland Christina High School and later Calvin Michigan University, where she played many political roles. She later graduated from the college with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Economics in 1979.

Betsy is currently a powerful American business woman, philanthropist, political and education reformer. She was elected by Donald Trump as the current Secretary of Education in the United States. She and her husband Dick are Republicans, who have supported the Charter and Voucher schools for many years. She served several leadership positions in the party and got to the peak in 1992 when she served as the national committee woman. Betsy served in this position until 1997 and her good performance led her to be elected as the party chairman in 1996. She was reelected in this position for 4 times and her good performance was the reason she was reelected. However, she finally resigned from the position to pursue other courses.

Betsy is a philanthropist mainly through the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family foundation, which is mainly meant for charitable contributions. The family gives to many courses but the highest priority is education as they seek to change the destiny of the under privileged kids and make them achieve the American dream. Betsy has often said that it was hard for kids who schooled in the public system to attain the American dream as they were limited by the system. Consequently, she endorses the Charter and Voucher schools, which though more expensive, tend to deliver more knowledge to the kids.

As the current Education Secretary, many people in the public system fear that Betsy DeVos will propel the system to destruction given her negative sentiments towards the same. However, there are also chances that she will improve them to take up a more modernized system that helps all kids achieve their dreams. At the same time, Betsy will also help propel the Charter and Voucher schools, given the fact that she is now in an influential position to do so.

Other than that, Betsy DeVos also is a businesswoman, who seeks for reform just as she does in education. She is the chairman of the WindQuest Group, which she and her husband founded, and which attracted other private investors in shares. The group’s main agenda is to invest in new technology, clean energy, and manufacturing.

Betsy also plays some nonprofit roles such as being chairman of the family foundation, whose main role is philanthropy. Betsy is also a member of national and local boards such as the Kennedy Center and Kids Hope USA. She also serves in the American Federation for Children, where she serves as the chairperson.


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How George Soros is Fighting to Save America

The biggest boogeyman that Conservative media has ever seen is making his large stage return. George Soros, most well known for his work supporting Al Gore, has returned to mainstream politics after a protracted hiatus that saw the man work on his billion dollar investment firm while focusing on his philanthropic endeavors around the world. George Soros is one of the leading philanthropists in the world and his work with the Open Society Foundations has been cited as one of the cornerstones of democratic progress around the globe. Soros is a frequent soldier for progressive causes, democratic government, social justice and equality all around the world. Now, he is back to make sure that the GOPs Donald Trump doesn’t get what he wants.

The reason for George Soros’ return is pretty obvious: Donald J. Trump stands for everything that goes against George Soros and what he has dedicated his life to. Soros is a staunch advocate of equality, social justice, democracy and pushing to make the world a better place through grassroots political activism. None of those things belong in the modern GOP playbook. Soros was inspired to return from his hiatus due to the simple fact that trump’s rising populism was a direct threat to his life’s work and his hope to create a better world for people in the future. Know more on investopedia.com about George Soros.

Soros returned to the election campaign in order to help prop up Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton as well as the rest of the progressive down ticket options. Soros would go on to donate somewhere near $25 million to the various campaigns in order to help them catch up to the more free spending Republican counterparts. George Soros was particularly forceful in his spending in part because of his distaste of nominee Donald Trump. Soros, after citing trump’s fear mongering, called accused him simply of “Doing the work of ISIS.”

Of course, just because this is Soros’ big return to politics it doesn’t mean that he hasn’t been making himself known in other ways. Soros has been making a name for himself with the Open Society Foundations. His focus with Open Society has been to put funding in place for grassroots activists to start changing their communities through activism and mobilization. This, of course, has led Soros to helping push democracy in countries all around the globe while helping to fight for it here at home as well.

One such place that saw Soros’ make an impact was Ferguson, MO. Many people will remember the shooting of Michael Brown and the corresponding organized protests. These protests were thanks in large part to funding from Soros’ Open Society Foundations. Soros would donate nearly $30 million to the area to help fund grassroots activism and other such causes.