Why Kevin Seawright Is a Man with Great Entrepreneurial Aptitude

 Whenever you read about the life achievements some people like Kevin Seawright have made, you understand nothing great comes on a silver platter. He has come a long way before he could join the Newark Economic Development Corporation. He joined this great business community on 19th May 2015. Kevin has served in different executive positions, and his impact has been great. As an Executive Vice President and CEO, Kevin has proved to be a man with exceptional skills. He has worked as an educationist, and he has also worked for different real estate developers and government agencies. Read this article at Live Newspaper

The Newark Development Corporation is doing its best to attract more real estate developers in the city, and also keep the business spirit burning. Kevin has the skills and experience the small businesses need to maximize their development and growth. He says the only way to make the lives of other people in Newark productive is by empowering the small businesses to create employment opportunities. This way, improving the quality of life of the citizens would not be a big issue.

Today, Kevin Seawright is the CEO, Managing Partner, and Founder of Real Property Solutions. He uses the government positions he holds to serve the public. Kevin went to Almeda University where he got his MBA. He then went to the Mendoza College of business at Notre Dame University to study Executive Leadership. Kevin’s career has a long history. It started when he served as the Managing Fiscal Officer in the City of Baltimore. Kevin has served in the city’s Department of Parks and Recreation as the Chief Financial Officer. He has also worked in the Housing Department as the Finance Director in Baltimore.

Kevin has accumulated deep financial knowledge from his work experience and education. His personnel management skills are not only reliable but also effective. He then changed his career in 2011 when he joined the private sector. He worked at Tito Contractors as the Vice President, and used his aptitude to improve and increase the company’s construction dynamics. His Baltimore-based company, Real Property Solutions, is famous for its quality services in building and renovating residential properties. His main focus is giving Baltimore residents affordable housing and maintaining neighborhoods’ stability.

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Kevin Seawright’s Inspirational Career

Kevin Seawright has made a strong impact on communities, ranging from Baltimore, Maryland, to Newark, New Jersey. He attended Notre Dame Mendoza School of Business and became certified in Executive Leadership. With over 13 years of experience, Seawright has developed a unique blend of leadership and accuracy within his projects.

He proudly served as Vice President and chief financial executive for Newark Economic Development Corporation. Newark Economic Development Corporation is an organization committed to furthering the city of Newark in economic advancement. He is a prominent financial leader for Baltimore. Seawright has served as an accountant and director for a variety of companies. Seawright has worked closely with Tito Contractors in the Washington D.C. Their goal was to create housing projects, with Seawright as their main advisor. Seawright was also a campaign advisor for Otis T. Rolley. Read this article on Live Newspaper

Seawright has joined forces with RPS Solutions. RPS Solutions is a company committed to assisting individuals with housing they can afford. Seawright’s goal is to transition people living in crime ridden neighborhoods, into safer neighborhoods. Seawright has served as an accountant and director for a variety of companies. Throughout his career, Seawright has been responsible for $400 million in state and federal funds.

His career began with fund management for parks and recreational departments. He worked closely with communities in Baltimore, including advising the public school system on educational advancements. Seawright currently invests in Baltimore real estate. Seawright’s reputation is one of leadership, integrity and professionalism.

The Babe Ruth Museum and National Forum for Black Public Administrators are a few non-profits Seawright has been involved with. In 2010, Kevin Seawright was awarded the Met Life “Bridges to the Future” award. Seawright has helped communities evolve and advance, even on tight budgets. He has shown that it is possible to make great change, even with many trails and tribulations.

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Kevin Seawright’s Revelation Of RPS Solutions

Kevin Seawright didn’t quite stay on at the business planning and commercial real estate development group up in Newark as long as he had hoped, but he’s become excited about the opportunities that his new Baltimore organization RPS Solutions is offering. RPS Solutions is a company that acquires residential properties across the city and helps families whose income might not have previously allowed them to buy a home become eligible for mortgages and other financing programs, and its also helped drive the cost of housing down. Seawright said he’d been interested in doing something to help new newcomers to the housing market find their homes and not have to struggle through the intimidating aspects such as meeting with bank officials and attorneys on their own. Read this article at njbiz.com to learn more.

Prior to founding RPS Solutions, Kevin Seawright worked in public accounting and streamlining operations in the Baltimore city offices. In the late 1990s and early 2000s, he was helping manage the public parks and their facilities, and from there he started becoming promoted to financial and budget management functions on the council. He served as supervisor for the city’s public schools and helped cut expenses and maximize transportation efficiency for them, and from there he became an advisor to the mayoral office. It was Seawright who suggested using CitiStatas a way to check the health of each city department so that changes could be made as indicated by reports from the software. Visit epodcastnetwork.com for more info.

Seawright may have remained in public service if Otis T. Rolley, the candidate he became campaign manager for in the 2011 Baltimore mayoral election had won that election, but when he lost that election Seawright decided to move on to other things. He moved down the road for a few years to Washington D.C. where he served as the finance manager for Tito Contractors, a commercial real estate company in that area. Several years later he was working to bring in many new commercial and tourist spaces in Newark as Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of the CEDC there, and he helped launch a fundraiser at Lincoln Park’s music festival in 2015. He returned to Baltimore one year later, but he also has been getting involved with political activist groups, preservation societies and important groups such as the National Black Public Administrators Forum and the Black Public Accountants Association. Check: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kevin-seawright-7869a052


Jose Auriemo Leads JHSF To Greater Heights

JHSF is a leading Brazilian real estate company focusing on high income investments. It manages and sells properties in both in the residential and commercial market segments. JHSF has participated in the management and development of international executive airports, upscale hotels and shopping centers. The company has four business units: Hotels and Restaurants, Executive Airports, Malls and Commercial Properties. The company was founded in Brazil in 1972 by Jose Roberto Auriemo and Fabio Auriemo. It has grown to have operations in Brazil, the US and Uruguay. JHSF has grown by prioritizing investment in recurring income assets.

When the company started it was mainly focused in the construction business. Over time the company started building and managing buildings. The company is a pioneer in the Brazilian real estate industry having created several unique buildings in Brazil. In 2001 JHSF finished construction of Shopping Metro Santa Cruz in Sao Paulo. It was the first mall in Brazil to be integrated with a subway station. The company also created the Cidade Jarim complex, one of the most luxurious development projects in Brazil. Cidade has a mall and nine residential towers in the City Park Garden. In 2006 JHSF went public and had an IPO. The company’s shares were listed on Novo Mercardo BMF & Bovespa. Since the company went public, it has participated in several large deals. In 2007 the company became the majority shareholder in Fasano Group hotels and in 2014 it took over the Fasano’s restaurants. In 2010 the company sold Shopping Metro Santa Cruz to BRMalls.

Jose AuriemoNeto is the chairman of JHSF’s board. He is the eldest son of founder, Fabio Auriemo having taken over the company in 2003. He is responsible for most of the company’s successful projects such as Cidae Jarim and taking the company public. Prior to taking the reins of the company he had been the director of shopping malls. He was the CEO the company from 2003 to 2014 before taking over as chairman and appointing Eduardo Camara as CEO and taking over as chairman. Jose Auriemo is also overseeing the company’s expansion in Uruguay.