Jason Hope Banks on Innovation and Smart Technology to Bring a Positive Impact to the Community

Jason Hope has been a strong supporter of SENS Research Foundation, a non profit organization that conducts research on anti-aging, for years. The organization exists with the support of researchers, scientists as well as passionate investors. Mr. Hope contributed his notable donation $500000 to the organization. The organization used the funds to build Cambridge SENS Laboratory. SENS Research Foundation has been making huge strides in coming up with innovative initiatives that fight aging. According Jason Hope, SENS focuses on finding cures for degenerative diseases that ages the body. Jason Hope is an accomplished investor, philanthropist and entrepreneur.

Born in Tempe, Arizona, Mr. Hope attended Arizona State University for his bachelor’s degree. He earned his MBA from W.P. Carey School of Business. He went ahead to establish a his successful career in business. He has done a lot of research in the Internet of Things (IoT) and its impact on communities, businesses and economy. He has published many materials on Internet of Things and he believes it comes with a lot of opportunities for growth. Internet of Things is the interconnection of devices such as home appliances, vehicles and much more with an intention of increasing their functionalities. About Jason Hope has a strong interest in the tech niche. He is particularly interested in IoT because of its benefits to the community.

Jason Hope also support various his philanthropic efforts. Apart from an interest in politics as related to business, philanthropy has become a focus for him. He has supported many organizations from many facets of life. He has been focused on improving the quality of life prolonging lives through anti-aging initiatives. The accomplished businessman doesn’t mind supporting an organization that challenges the normal school of thought and take up new challenges. He is interested in organizations that puts innovation first in their efforts to solve problems facing the community. Mr. Hope has built great investment insights and apart from being involved in his several businesses as well as projects, Jason Hope finds time to give back to the community as well as conduct research on niches that have the potential of impacting communities positively. He has developed an interest in automation as well as smart technology because his is a futurist.



William Siato Says that Russia is Poised to be the Next Leader of Technology

The nation of Russia is a technology haven for creation and innovation. However, the country just doesn’t have a good reputation when it comes to household technology. William Saito is a tech guru and former government technical advisor to Japan and the U.S. He states that Russia is set to be the next leader in the field of technology.

Technology is used in all facets of society. The one place where it is utilized the most is in the average family’s home. Televisions, appliances, electronics, HVAC systems, and home automation are some of the key areas where the technology market thrives. Even personalized tech devices such as smartphones and tablets fall into this category. These items help to shape the way people live in modern times. Saito believes that whoever controls household technology will be a dominating force in the world of technology.

Russia is not on par with many other nations in this regard. The country is known for its aerospace, military and cybersecurity technology. Its success in commercial consumer tech ventures is very limited. Saito says that this changing. He expects Russia to start doing thing differently so that the country can become a leading global tech supplier for home brands. 

Traditionally, Russia was marginalized by other countries when it came to certain tech products. For example, the developers within the nation make some of the best cybersecurity software on the planet. However, many countries (including the U.S.) do not want to utilize Russian software brands. This is one reason why Russia has been consistently limited within the global market in regard to their technology influence.

William Saito wants other nations to be mindful of Russia. He realizes that this country is figuring out how to market-friendly consumer related tech products. Ultimately, Saito has enough foresight and experience regarding technology to understand that Russia is in a position to become a global leader in this industry.









Alex Pall And Andrew Taggart Of The Chainsmokers Are Excited About Becoming More Fully Immersed In Their Song Creation Process:

Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart make up the duo known as The Chainsmokers. The scored a huge breakthrough hit entitled Selfie in 2014, bringing their EDM-pop style to the masses. The duo’s success has continued since that initial breakthrough and they recently released an exciting new track entitled Closer that features Halsey. The new single represents a departure from previous work put out there by the hitmaking duo. Closer features Andrew Taggart singing, a break from the group’s usual formula of innovative electronic sounds blended with guest vocalists and the work of songwriters. This is all in an attempt to raise the awareness of their audience that they are true artists and not simple masters of crafting catchy beats.


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Alex Pall has been candid about the fact that dance music was a thing that consumed his life and it was his obsession with it that led him to want to do it as more than a hobby. Andrew Taggart expresses the same sentiment that dance music is something he was into well before it became the popular craze that it is today. The fact of the matter is that it is quite a unique and different thing for a group like The Chainsmokers to actually sing on their own track, but the band has expressed that it was simply something they felt like doing because it was different. The Chainsmokers are also writing more of their songs entirely on their own. There is still the collaboration with some really amazing and talented songwriters, but the group is evolving and beginning to craft some of their material entirely on their own. The band is also excited about the chance to work with Halsey, an artist that they have really come to respect. With more of the overall production being done by the band themselves and the addition of great collaborators like Halsey, it is clear that the future is looking bright for The Chainsmokers.



The growth of Paul Mampilly’s Profits Unlimited newsletter

Paul Mampilly is the founder of the fastest growing newsletter in the country known as Profits Unlimited. The newsletter is a financial publication that informs readers of the investment opportunities in the financial markets. Profits Unlimited is owned by Banyan Hill Publishing which is based in Florida. Banyan Hill publishing was formerly known as Sovereign Society. Profits Unlimited newsletter was founded in 2016 and has so far attracted over 100,000 subscribers. The fast pace of acceptability is attributed to the well-researched information that Paul Mampilly delivers to the subscribers. The newsletter has struck the attention of the investors in the country who are pleased with the purchase recommendations contained in the newsletter releases. Watch Paul Mampilly on Youtube.

Paul Mampilly is exploiting new ways of channeling information about the financial industry that is quickly accepted by the investors. For a long time, the means of accessing such information has been through periodicals that contain information in a language that is had to interpret for the ordinary investor in America. Paul Mampilly refers to subscribers of his newsletter as the Main Street Americans who are interested in knowing what is happening in the financial industry in a simple to understand language. Most of his clients are interested in making profits out of the industry so that they can improve their standards of living.

Paul Mampilly has identified a group of people who are disadvantaged and has given them hope of excelling in the financial industry investments. In an industry that is highly competitive as this, identifying a target group is critical. The fact that Paul Mampilly was able to identify a target group that needs financial information has assisted him to shape the perception of the ordinary person on investment. He has proved to them that it is possible to make profits from the industry by following the economic changes that are happening in the country.

Paul Mampilly is a successful investor who has made a fortune for himself as well as for organizations that he has worked for in the Wall Street. Paul Mampilly started working in the financial sector in 1991 when he joined Bankers Trust as an assistant portfolio manager. He later worked for bigger organizations such as ING and Deutsche Bank. In 2006, Paul Mampilly was working as a hedge fund manager for an organization known as Kinetics Asset Management. Under his management, it was the best performing hedge fund. He turned $6 billion to $25 billion in just one year. Read: https://www.stockgumshoe.com/2018/03/microblog-extreme-fortunes-by-paul-mampilly-10000-marijuana-stock/


Matt Badiali, the geologist, and investments Guru

He is known for being a hands-on investor who travels to any part of the world that his work will lead him to. He has traveled to countries like Hong Kong, Singapore, Haiti, Iraq, Turkey and Switzerland among many more. He is an enthusiast of the mining industry, and his travels have led him to numerous mining sites and meetings with quite a number of mining company CEOs to discuss new trends in the mining industries. Through these constant visits and meetings, he has made numerous friends in the mining and oil industry who constantly bounce ideas off each other. This is the life of the specialized and experienced geologist and active investor Matt Badiali.

Mr. Badiali has over two decades of know-how in the study of natural resources. He is a known expert in the fields of mining, agriculture, and energy. He is also an actively successful investor in these fields. In addition to that, Matt Badiali is also a lecturer of geology at various universities like the North Carolina University and the University of Duke.

Mr. Badiali explains that his involvement in the world of investments is owing to his consistent desire to discover unheard of and profitable opportunities to look into and probably investor advise others to invest in. For this reason, he has added to his already impressive resume the title publisher. He is an expert contributor at the Bayan Hill publishing where he writes about rare investment opportunities and gives his take on investment opportunities for his readers benefit. He also plays the role of senior editor at Bayan Hill Publishing Company.

Through his publications at Bayan Hill, he provides his readers with genuine advice based on his consistent research endeavors and his knowledge of geology. He strives to create a connection with his readers by discussing ventures to real places that he has visited and not just read about or done online research on. This makes his work more realistic and more relatable and reliable hence his numerous reader base and outreach. Refer to This Article: https://banyanhill.com/expert/matt-badiali/

Matt Badiali intends on making an impact in the future of his readers and also the mining, oil and energy industry by focusing on one task at a time and maximizing his strengths and opportunities.

Read more: https://banyanhill.com/exclusives/freedom-checks-scam-or-real-deal/


Talk Fusion Finally Arrives in India

The long-awaited direct selling and video marketing company finally opens its doors to the Indian market, right at the heart of New Delhi. Talk Fusion India Pvt. Ltd. will be the expansion’s central support system to cater to the needs of the continuously growing Indian market.



Talk Fusion is the hallmark of WebRTC technology, which introduced consumers to efficient services such as Video Chat, Video Email, Video Newsletters, Sign Up Forums, and Live Meetings. With the company’s products, a wide range of businesses can directly reach customers on a global scale. Further, Talk Fusion’s direct selling scheme has allowed its associates to eliminate inventory, making it a practical choice for startups and independent entrepreneurs.



In a press release, CEO Bob Reina said that India is ready, with excited associates spreading the office expansion news like wildfire. Talk Fusion India plans to utilize its space to provide training for the local company, which is to be headed by Guru Lal Singh, recently named manager of the Indian office.



Singh expressed his confidence in the company’s new endeavor, praising Talk Fusion’s efforts in pushing growth and success. Reina echoed Singh’s confidence, saying the timing couldn’t be more right. The CEO is already claiming the success of its “disruptive technology,” adding it would change the lives of the many Indian associates.



Talk Fusion’s press release also boasted of the company’s compensation plan, which is the first of its kind. Associates will receive their commissions in a matter of minutes after a successful sale. Talk Fusion is quickly becoming one of the top technological innovators of this generation, making India the perfect choice for an expansion office.



About Talk Fusion



Conceived in 2007 by CEO and Founder Bob Reina, Talk Fusion offers dynamic methods in marketing, which offers its associates direct selling, person-to-person transactions in over 100 countries through video.



Reina first launched the Video Email as the company’s first product, which led to more innovative products such as Live Meetings and Video Newsletters.



Talk Fusion’s India office can be found at the Westend Mall at Unit 301B. For those who want to take a peek, take the route to Janak Puri West Metro Station. The office operates Mondays through Saturdays, from 9:30 am to 6:00 pm IST. Learn more: https://video-chat.talkfusion.com/