Matt Badiali – Mining, Agriculture, Energy Expert Makes Uranium Prediction

Holds 20 Years of Experience Working in Natural Resources

Matt Badiali has great experience working in the mining, energy, and agriculture industries. He has 20 years’ experience working in these industries, and is also an editor of a publication which shares his experience with the world (Real Wealth Strategist). Read this article on Stock Gumshoe about Matt Badiali

Most Recently Published on Uranium

His most recent publication is in reference to Uranium, which he is expecting to make significant gains in the coming year ahead. He noticed that Uranium’s price has been falling which correlates to a demise of nuclear power. What he believes will push the uranium price up is the decision on the part of a major producer to cut production.

Showed Huge Gains in One Uranium Stock

This led to a gain in a major uranium stock, and others will soon follow suit. He believes that other Uranium producers will also be able to post similar gains which resemble the other Uranium plays.

Go Anywhere Talk To Anyone Mindset

Matt Badiali has a mindset of go-anywhere, talk to everyone. He has travelled the world (Singapore, Papua New Guinea, Iraq, Hong Kong) and he has visited places such as oil wells and mines. His training has also led him to analyze geologic data, as he is trained as a geologist, holding a master’s degree in Geology. This gives him an eye for minor details – he monitors the productivity of a company’s drillers and draws from his experience working in the geologic field to observe these distinctions.

Influential Contacts In The Industry

Matt Badiali has also met T. Boone Pickens and Ross Beaty, the Chairman of Pan American Silver. He would also consider himself to be a friend of the CEO of Sprott US Holdings. Finally, he has taught Geology at the University of North Carolina and Duke University. His contacts have plenty of great insights into the challenges and opportunities of the energy industry.

Founder of Major Publication and Investment Journal

He is also a contributor for Banyan Hill Publishing, a investment journal that provides actionable insights to it’s readers. This is one of the top asset protection magazines in the world.

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Invest in Embraer’s Military Engagements – Jeff Yastine

In 2017, everything can be treated as an investment. If this statement sounds incorrect, one should get familiar with the brilliant work from Jeff Yastine. This writer has created some of the most unexpected articles that address investment that one may have never thought about. For example, how many people have made plans to purchase Embraer stocks since it has proven to be a better military option for combat plane? Realistically, very few.

Yastine discusses how United States Navy SEALs created an almost-impossible request for a perfect combat plane that will have many untraditional characteristics. Embraer was the company that delivered the requested plane according to all the requirements. The ultimate result was a very successful and deadly tool that the special operations guys can use to carry out some of the most dangerous missions.

Of course, such an endeavor and manufacturing innovation does not go unnoticed. The writer reminds that many countries have not had their planes renewed in over 30 years. Luckily for Embraer, this shows as an opportunity to land new contracts and grow their profits. By doing so, earnings per share will significantly increase along with the stock price. Thus, Yastine suggests that people keep an open eye for stocks of this company as now might be the best time to buy them.

To support his claims, this experienced investor clarifies why Embraer might be facing a bright future. Reportedly, Nigeria has already spent $600 million on their planes while Lebanon went up to $460. With many more countries doing the same, the existence of this market is very obvious and since Embraer delivered on request of Navy SEALs, they have the strong testament of their dedication and work ethic.

When Yastine is not writing articles that educate the readers of Banyan Hill, he is investing in stocks and other profitable opportunities. He has been doing this for over two decades which makes him a veteran of the industry. Alongside investing, Yastine has worked as an anchor in the past. He currently dedicates most of his time to writing articles that educate inexperienced investors.

Over the course of his career, he was recognized through an Emmy nomination as well as a Journalism Award by the CPAs of New York. His popularity comes as a byproduct of numerous writing projects that addressed current events, monetary issues, possible future of the economy and almost anything that might earn the reader some money!

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