Dean Omar Branham Shirley and Legal Services




If you’re in need of legal help, one place you can go is in the office of Dean Omar Branham Shirley. They have several areas of expertise that could really help your cause, depending on the specifics.


Dean Omar has a specialty in this type of cancer, which can be caused by contaminants in a house that should have been removed years ago. If you or a loved one has this ailment, and you think that it occurred due to negligence on behalf of the property owner, it’s worthing calling Dean Omar Branham Shirley for a consult. 

Product Liability

Products of all sorts can be a cause for damage and injury. This could include food or drugs, parts for automobiles, or more. If you think that you’ve suffered harm due to a faulty part or product, you could have a case. Call Dean Omar Branham Shirley today to find out.

Catastrophic Injury

Serious injury or death in a loved one can change your life forever. In the case where this has happened to you, and someone was hurt or killed due to someone else’s actions, make sure you call a lawyer today.

Unpaid Wages

A failure to pay wages properly can happen for many reasons. If your company has asked you to do work while not on the clock or has only partially paid you, then you could be entitled to get that money back.,

Consumer Class Action and Shareholder Liability

If you’re a shareholder and you think a company is not acting in your best interests, a lawyer can advise you on what to do. The same goes for class action suits against a company.