Edgard Corona Has Achieved Some Impressive Accomplishments in Building the Most Extensive Network of Gyms Across the Whole of Latin America

Edgard Corona is a renowned businessman from Brazil who has achieved many professional successes during his career. His most notable success is the fact that he has built Latin America’s most extensive gym network. At the current time, this gym network is not only the most extensive in the region of Latin America, but it is also the world’s fourth-largest overall. The expert leadership provided by Edgard Corona has been key to the gym network’s success and constant growth. Beyond this, Edgard Corona remains confident that there is still plenty of growth ahead for his company known as Grupo Bio Ritmo.

The Edgard Corona led Grupo Bio Ritmo includes gyms that operate under the names Smart Fit and Bio Ritmo. These outstanding facilities are the ideal spot for those who want to find a great place to build their physical conditioning and to live a healthy lifestyle. The gym company started as a single location in Sao Paulo’s Santo Amaro area back in 1996. Since that time, the growth has been truly impressive. Bringing in key investors such as Sovereign Fund of Singapore as well as Patria Investimentos was a key part of the growth trajectory for Grupo Bio Ritmo.

The growth led by Edgard Corona at Grupo Bio Ritmo cannot be denied. Refer to this article to learn more.The gym company has 480 locations that it is currently operating. These locations are spread across six of the countries of the Latin American region. At the current time, some 1.6 million individuals are using the gym facilities at Grupo Bio Ritmo. What is more impressive might be the fact that Corona believes that there is still a lot of growth ahead for the company that he founded. The recent acquisition of the Inversiones O2 company based out of Chile is a major step toward the further growth of the business at Grupo Bio Ritmo.

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