Edgard Corona is all about fitness

Fitness has increasingly become popular. One such individual who has seen a gap in the sector is Edgard Corona. He is at the helm of both the Smartfit group and Bio Ritmo. Before venturing into the business, he was involved in the family business. Having acquired an education in chemical engineering.

The venture has changed the way people exercise with the adaptation of technology. Smartfit shares have steadily increased over the years. The shares have surpassed the medium mark. Edgard Corona remains the primary shareholder as he has not sold any of his stakes. The seasoned entrepreneur has been listed on Forbes list among the wealthiest people.

The demand for the shares outgrew the volume offered for sale to the public. The seasoned businessman has managed to open over 480gyms in different countries. The countries include Mexico, Chile, Eduardo, among other Latin American countries. The venture is described as the fourth largest fitness in the world.

Edgard remains a force to be reckoned with in the fitness industry in the country. Despite him starting clueless in the sector. Edgard Corona’s sheer hard work and determination have enabled the company to excel. The money from the shares sold will propel the company to expand into other ventures and increase market share.

The business is striving to offer technology-driven solutions despite them being costly. The main challenge has been offering low-cost solutions in the gym . The pandemic has hit different sectors, but the gym has seen an increased number of memberships, with many individuals aiming to attain physical fitness for improved immunity.

With technology being the epitome, the director is looking for ways to sell gym apparel. The different applications can provide an array of gym wear for clients to purchase. Additionally, the company is looking for ways of streaming the gym lessons for those who are too busy to attend the gym session. Edgard Corona emphasizes care even after vaccination against COVID-19.