Educational Competition Is a Cause Betsy DeVos Cares About

The world of educational policy has vast and far reaching implications. It’s also one area that has a hugely direct impact on every single American parent and child. For many Americans, this is one world that they need to work with on a direct basis. Betsy DeVos is someone who has found this one area where she can make her mark. She knows that there are many ways that educational policy can be made better. For her, it all comes down to the world of competition. This is where she believes that American children and parents can really benefit from her help. In her opinion, it helps to ensure that each and every school in the United States has schools that are competing for their attention and their tax dollars. In doing so, she thinks that each school district will be a better place in the end and far more responsive to community needs.


Encouraging Competition


One of the many things that Betsy DeVos sees firsthand is how much competition can bring to any plans. Competition is very much how things get done in the private sector. This is when people compete for the attention of others and see how to attract attention and dollars. The same is true of the world of education. This is one place where competition can spur, in her opinion, can help both students and parents find a way to locate the kind of success they need from life. When school districts compete for students, they are forced to up their game. That can lead to the kind of changes that Betsy DeVos believes are necessary in the world of American education right now. She wants to see such changes implemented in order to truly help each and every single student really shine.


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