Gurps Rai And His Innovations

In his interview with DotCom Magazine, entitled, “Gurps Singh Rai, CEO, droppTV, A DotCom Magazine Exclusive Interview”, Gurps Rai shared how success has never truly hinged on a single key factor.  Success has always been achieved through a combination of factors.

With the help of the recent trends in technology and entertainment alike, Gurps Rai was able to skyrocket and succeed in his career. About a decade ago, Gurps Rai was the first person in the world that instigated a commodity trade with the use of virtual currency. However, at the time it wasn’t as popular.

But despite everything, Gurps Rai stayed confident and checked on the carbon credits floating around constantly. This included checking in with Nike when he had noticed that they had been listing carbon credits.

Since Gurps Rai was the head of the London Carbon Market and he had plenty of cryptocurrency by his side, he was able to offer about 500,000 Ven ($50,000) to be able to purchase some of the sulfur hexafluoride offsets that Nike had owned. As soon as Gurps Rai and his company had obtained the credits, they had made the decision to retire the credits and make them so they would not be able to be traded ever again.

Due to the popularity of that trade, Ven had started to become well-known around the year of 2014 as the first digital currency to be traded in a Forex market.

Now, Gurps is putting work into a shoppable stream platform called droppTV, which uses artificial intelligence and smart video technology. With this technology, droppTV uses it as a way to collaborate with other artists and let it so they can move their merchandise and videos onto the platform. Typically, the artists garner attention by wearing their merchandise so it gives viewers an urge to purchase said merchandise. DroppTV is a little different than other platforms that might be similar, as it doesn’t run on advertisements.

The only thing that the company runs on is the advertisements of the artists. Even though droppTV is less than a year old, it was able to garner about $40,000 in less than 24 hours, instantly making it post-revenue. The artists on the platform vary from being infamous or brand new, but no matter how much experience they have in being an artist, they are still able to get attention on the platform. See related link for more information.


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