How QNET Has Transformed The Business World

Direct selling helps consumers save money since they get the products directly from the manufacturer. In many business models, there is always a retailer who acts as the intermediary. The presence of an intermediary results in delays and price fluctuation, and QNET offers a solution to the problem.

The Indian-based company helps consumers get products directly from manufacturers through direct selling. The demand for direct selling services has helped the company penetrate different markets across the Middle East, Central Asia, Europe, and Africa. In addition to direct selling, the famous direct-selling company improves people’s lives by offer entrepreneurship solutions.

The over 20 years of existence of the company has been characterized by customer satisfaction. The direct selling company heavily relies on distributors to achieve its goals and objectives. The distributors confirm that the partnership has greatly helped them grow.

Currently, QNET is involved in the distribution of thousands of products across the globe. As a way to improve customer satisfaction and communication, the direct selling company developed an easy-to-use mobile app. Corporate social responsibility helps enhance the reputation of a business in society, and right now, the direct selling company has CSR projects spread across 37 cities.

QNET has grown over the years to become the best direct selling company in India. The growth of the company is attributed to the presence of direct selling in the country. The people who have partnered with the company in direct selling have enjoyed huge profits over the years. Go to this page for more information.

The direct selling company has established several distribution hubs globally and invested in infrastructure in 25 countries to access markets outside India. Partnerships with local direct selling companies have helped the company gain a global presence. For instance, they partnered with Direct Deals General Trading LLC in the United Arabs Emirates to achieve its objectives and goals.


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