Juan Monteverde Interview About Shareholders and the Law

Juan Monteverde had an interview recently where he spoke about his practice in New York that was focused on class action suits and the rights of shareholders. He specifically wrote about how he represented people who were financially damaged by the misleading information and practices of corporations.

His cases have gone to the supreme court. Many were high-profile. In the interview, he spoke on a number of different topics, including about which moment has been most satisfying for him. He said that he was proud of his firm has made it to the Top 50 list for Class Action Security firms for the U.S. It brought his firm, Monteverde and Associates PC, national recognition and attention.

He also spoke on what he imagined the future of his firm would hold. Monteverde said that he was excited about contributing to shaping corporate law in the U.S. Through the expansion of the Exchange Act. He said that he was happy with the contribution he’s made to how the Exchange Act applies to cases involving acquisitions and mergers. He is happy that his firm can help protect shareholders in companies by bringing back money to them when they are robbed of it due to a merger.

Monteverde also spoke about one of his favorite books, Don Quixote by Cervantes. He calls it an inspirational business book because it talks about how you have to fight things other people can’t see. If he had to give advice to his previous self, when he was younger, he would tell him how important is to work hard, and how much you need to network. He would tell him that network is crucial to growing as a professional. You learn so much from associating with others, and you also get many new possible opportunities if you do it this way. Juan Monteverde’s: Facebook Page.