Lipper International Now Utilizes The Newest Cloud Inventory Management Software

The latest partnership between Lipper International and DSI Global has made it possible for Lipper International to run its business on the latest and upgraded version of DSI’s Cloud Inventory, a Field Inventory Management software that comes with scores of benefits.

For now, Lipper’s platform looks stunning thanks to the upgraded Cloud Inventory products created by DSI. According to Lipper International, the firm has been in operational for over a half a century since 1963. All along, Lipper has tried different Field Inventory Management products with the aim of enhancing security, accuracy, as well as transparence in its quest to serve as many of its clients as possible.

However, never in the history of its operations has the office, home, and kitchenware vendor seen and used an upgraded Cloud Inventory product as it has this time. Known for its unique collections that include imported home products made from wood, Lipper, a women-led enterprise has dominated the market for decades. As things are, nothing will stop Lipper International from bettering its services even further now that the firm is using DSI’s upgraded Cloud Inventory for its various Field Inventory Management endeavors.

Although there was no much fear in the process, Lipper International can now be relaxed that everything will be monitored immediately and conveniently. According to the firm, Lipper’s clients include high-end retailers such as Walmart, Target, TJ Maxx, Kohls, Amazon, and Bed Bath Beyond.

The new Cloud Inventory ensures the client check on the order right from packaging to delivery. With it, the user does not need to leave the office to follow up the delivery carrying lots of papers to fill at every stage. Besides, the latest Cloud Inventory from D.S.I. Global does not tamper with company procedures. A little tweak here and there makes the field inventory management software the only tool manufacturers need. Refer to this page for more information.


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