Miki Agrawal: Going Beyond Societal Conventions

Most authors from the depth of their work based on their worldview, opinions, and life experiences. Miki Agrawal is both an author and an entrepreneur who has chosen to go against conventional societal norms and has emerged triumphant. She founded three businesses, each disrupting an everyday norm, and was projected to fail by pessimists. Nonetheless, Miki Agrawal did not give up but instead transformed the ideas into thriving businesses.

Inspired by the success of her business and the experience of acting against societal norms, she felt the need to share her journey with others and encourage readers to be proactively involved in creating a fulfilling life for themselves. In this regard, she has authored two inspiring books. ” Do Cool Sh*t: Quit Your Day Job, Start Your Own Business, and Live Happily Ever After” and ”Disrupt-Her: A manifesto for the Modern Woman”. Her first book offers insights on how to change passions into viable careers, while the second one is focused on rewriting and disrupting 13 common societal beliefs. Miki is also set to release her third book, ‘Heart Wisdom’ in the Fall of 2021.

Miki Agrawal likes to challenge herself by embracing big ideas and visions that most people would not dare. She believes that her potential is limitless. In her first book, for example, she elaborates on how one can start a successful business with minimum capital and utmost zeal. She also gives ideas on simple product testing coupled with ”guerrilla marketing” policies. In the second book, Miki Agrawal discusses 13 aspects of life that require disruptive change. These include career, money, purpose, complaints vs. action, etc. Besides, the book gives insights on how to develop a disruptive mindset in all areas of life.


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The three businesses that curved Miki Agrawal’s career into a renowned author include WILD gluten-free pizza Diner, Thinx Period- proof Underwear, and Tushy Bidet Toilet. Miki starts all her days with a quest and determination of disrupting the status quo and discovering new ways of uplifting life.

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