Molekule Air Purifier: A Finer Filter and Finer Purifier

Sleep Sherpa has a new air purifier called the Molekule. The Molekule air purifier is unique because it uses a PECO filter instead of the HEPA filter that other air purifiers use. PECO stands for Photo Electrochemical Oxidation. This new type of filter is more effective than HEPA filters because the PECO filter works on pollutants 1000 times smaller. In addition, early research has shown that the PECO filter is also much more effective at trapping volatile organic compounds (VOCs) than HEPA filters or carbon filters.

The Molekule comes in two models – the Molekule and the Molekule Mini. Both are attractive features for a home. The regular Molekule model is a tall, matte silver cylinder that looks sleek and modern. To set this model up, users can download the app and turn on the Molekule unit. The app will then guide the user through each step of the setup process. The Mini is a smaller cylinder meant for a tabletop in a smaller room or bedroom. It has a wind-up cord to save space.

The Molekule is a fantastic choice for people looking to improve their air quality. Because air quality impacts sleep quality, the Molekule’s exceptional air purifying capabilities will greatly improve how its users feel in the morning.