Recap On IM Academy Article

The company, based in New York, USA, was founded by Christopher Terry and Isis La Torre in 2013 to provide learning and training opportunities for students through a subscription model under the brand name IM Academy. IM Academy helps ambitious individuals build an interactive and informative online education platform for themselves. The company offers a library of recorded content that is supported by live, interactive interaction to equip its users with the correct skills needed in today’s competitive economy.

IM Academy is striving to be the best in their field, while taking care of business. The company has over 225,000 active users and customers for its products and services. The company does not have large office premises which allows it to recruit talent without geographical constraints during an emergency such as COVID-19 pandemic that may occur; this means they are well placed if needed due to the nature of a remote working model implemented by them previously with staff members.

IM Academy’s goal is to provide interactive foreign exchange and trading education for their clients. The company helps develop skills that they can apply in their own business by offering client-centered training with accessible courses, live content, and an extensive library of recorded or app-based content.

The Academy’s content is provided through access to unlimited online interactive sessions with IM educators called IM Educators and a service called GoLive. In addition to the IM Academy’s Elite package, which offers a combined 54% off on first purchase and 48% for monthly subscriptions compared with purchasing programs individually. GoLive sessions are offered in 13 languages and on several days at different times to accommodate students from different time zones. Chaque session lasts about an hour and includes the opportunity for the students to ask questions and to talk to the IM instructor about the subject to be investigated. Visit this page on Instagram, for related information.


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