TerraNovaCorp CEO Stephen Bittel Helps the Company Maintain its Focus on Retail Centers

For more than 40 years, Stephen Bittel has been working in the commercial sector of real estate. Stephen Bittel is the chairman and founder of a well-known firm called TerraNovaCorp, based in South Florida. Under the leadership of Stephen Bittel, The Terranova has been serving as the only agent worth $5 billion by doing commercial projects and representing different clients like New York Life, Morgan Stanley, and Bank of America. While still studying for his law degree at the University of Miami, Stephen Bittel began the TerraNovaCorp. He was working at his home office to ensure that his company was still growing.

After finishing his law studies and passing the bar exam with flying colors, Stephen Bittel decided to refocus his efforts and make his company his top priority. Terranova started by partnering with a local business on the commercial property. Within a short period of time, Terranova grew rapidly and occupied a property base totaling more than 8 million square feet. Terranova now has more than 100 shopping centers operating in the open air. This shopping center has storage assets, office buildings, multi-family buildings, and office buildings. Stephen Bittel has helped the TerraNovaCorp maintain its focus on retail centers based in urban areas

TerraNovaCorp expanded and owned properties in different areas, such as Lincoln Road based in Miami Beach and Miracle Mile, which is in Coral Gables. The coronavirus pandemic affected many businesses. TerraNovaCorp, together with Stephen Bittel, has been working hard to reinvigorate these areas of retail. The corporation has been keen on new opportunities that keep presenting themselves in the market. Stephen Bittel was born in a Southern Florida memorial hospital and raised in Miami Beach. His parents were Judy and Jordan, and he was the second child. Stephen Bittel has decided to dedicate most of his time to serving the community and being on the board of political and non-profit organizations.

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