Thomas Neyhart at PosiGen Solar Energy


Thomas Neyhart from PosiGen has operated in governance for nearly twenty-five years. He was the CEO of Utica Rentals, an extensive retail organization with 32 sites and over 165 employees across six states for more than ten decades. Thomas Neyhart, then enrolled in an administrative search agency aimed at construction staffing.


Here, he assisted over 2,500 construction executives around the country. Tom was nominated one of Goldman Sachs’ 100 Most Intriguing business person in 2014, and he is still in command as a speaker at inexhaustible energy and construction firm conferences. Homes that do have PosiGen solar panels have one-way kilowatt meters that trace how much electricity they consume. The price of electricity times the number of kilowatts used is how your monthly electricity statement is calculated. 


But what happens when solar panels are put in place? When you hire PosiGen, we’ll install a two-way net meter to make sure you get credit for the electricity your panels produce. This is how it’s done.


Extra energy from the PosiGen solar power system will be sent from the reticulum if the generated power does not meet 100 percent of your energy needed. In these circumstances, the amount of energy you use through the PosiGen solar panels will be subtracted from your electricity bill. When your panel’s energy is more than you require, the additional power is supplied to the grid in trade for credits, you’ll be able to meet your energy with these credits in the form of free electricity from the grid. 

When solar enables a fairer price, more individuals are likely to pervade in it and PosiGen is aware of it. This has a remarkable environmental strike, but it’s also appreciably impacting our customers. The power planning improvement provided by PosiGen makes sure that our customers’ homesteads are secured and good to live in. Solar is globally regulated, but PosiGen is also building a distinction in our clients’ lifestyle by making them secure and thriving.