Tieks Are Equivalent To The Price

What hinders people from buying a pair of Tieks ballet flats is their elevated price. I know why people are surprised that such an easy ballet flat has high cost. Set of Tieks cost $175, this frightening especially when it’s time to strike the ‘Checkout’ button.

I was timid after acquiring my first set in April 2016. I was clear enough to buy a pair of Tieks, and they were significant to their cost. Despite their high price, Tieks shoes are one of the most cost-effective wardrobe pieces. As a matter of fact, I went ahead and purchased five more pairs. Ballet flats are manufactured with premium, soft Italian Leather and processed in Arzignano, Italy.

You can find them in various styles:

  • Classic – they are solidly manufactured from standard Leather. This is the design I always prefer.
  • Prints – They are manufactured with Leopard-like patterns and acquired from standard Leather.
  • Patents -They are solid colored manufactured from patent leathers.
  • Vegan – They are manufactured without animal skin.

While purchasing Tieks shoes, it’s important to consider the fitting size while purchasing them since there is no need to keep on changing. It is right to weigh up the biggest feet, whether it feels comfortable or confined. If your largest foot is constricted, go for a bigger one so that you may enjoy its comfortability. If your largest foot feels expansive, go for a small one.Read this article for more information.

Below are their different sizing and styles.

  • Matte Black – they are manufactured with unbiased Leather.
  • Colored Classic- they are colored. This helps them stretch while new.
  • Patent Leather – they stretch but not like Colored ones, so you need to be careful while fitting them.
  • Print – some are manufactured with leather materials, just like Colored Classic and Patent. They allow a little extending while those made with materials extend more.
  • Vegan – they are manufactured using Woven fabric materials, thus suits very different from Leather and extend differently.


For more information, visit: https://tieks.com/abouttieks