Tom Chang- MD Acuity Holdings LLC

Tom Chang MD

No one can mention the revolution of ophthalmology in California without Dr. Tom. S. Chang popping up. He is an Ophthalmologist who has been rated as a top medical practitioner. Dr. Tom works in Pasadena, California, and has affiliations with other medical facilities such as Adventist Health Bakersfield and Methodist Hospital of Southern California. Tom Chang MD gained his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine. He has over 20 years of practice as a general eye doctor with subspecialties in retinal disease.

Dr. Chang’s overall performance for the last 12 months has seen him garner a five out of five-star rating in the following areas: exhaustiveness of assessment, suppliers, follow up, amount of time with sufferer, providers mentality, overall input, and saw results. In addition, he received a four out of five-star rating in sufferer’s trust. Dr. Tom Chang MD founded Acuity Holdings LLC. He doubles as the MD and a retina surgeon in the same facility. Tom received his residency in Ophthalmology from Western Ontario University has three associations in retinal illnesses. He has worked in several medical facilities, such as British Columbia University, where he served as an assistant professor in the ophthalmology faculty. 

He later joined Dohoney Eye Institute, where he was the head of the Retina Institute. In 2005, Dr. Chang founded California’s Retina Institute. Tom rose to fame after effective careful implantation of cell treatment which he was a part of. Tom Chang MD is an outstanding medical author with over 50 medical publications. He has served on a few logical warning sheets in more than 500 firms. He has taken care of high-profile patients worldwide, including doctors, proficient competitors, and CEOs. Additionally, Tom Chang MD is an established clinical analyst. He has widely investigated the issue of wellbeing result evaluations just as medication conveyance frameworks. He has communicated clinical interests in regions like diabetic retinopathy and solid degeneration.

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