Andreas Hassellof’s Ombori Helping Businesses Increase Customer Experience

Andreas Hassellof, CEO of Ombori, a company based out of Stockholm in Sweden, has brought a great customer experience to the retail industry, thanks to his queue management system. Through this system, Andreas has received recognition as among the top Sweden innovators. The concept behind the system is bringing the incorporation of digital tools into the physical experience with one ultimate goal, changing customer experience. The biggest customers for the system have been retail stores; the system, however, can be used to achieve more by various organizations intending to create smart cities, smart stores and smart spaces. What users are to gain at the end of it all is brand loyalty and increased sales.

Ombori was incorporated in 2015, and in recent times it has recorded rapid growth in major retailers worldwide. The company’s queue management system now has a presence in some of the major stores like Lindt, Target Australia, H&M, Dufry, to name a few. Other clients of the system include malls and airports. Andreas Hassellof’s company is out to help businesses maximize their profits and at the same time enhance the experience of a business’s biggest asset: customers.

When top Sweden companies are named, Ombori is also given recognition as a Sweden Powerhouse. Sweden has made a mark in the global market as one of the countries that provide top innovators, and Andreas Hassellof is an example of companies placing the country on a world map. What keeps the company’s growth constant is the capitalist nature of the existing powerhouses. These powerhouses get to focus on investing in upcoming companies. With 10.4 million residents, 80.7% of people in active employment are said to be working in the innovation field. Therefore, Swedish companies are at the forefront of contributing to the world’s innovative sphere.