Bhanu Choudhrie’s Investments

The coronavirus pandemic has had various effects on businesses, including shutdown and employee termination to cut on costs. However, various companies have come up with strategies to enable them to stay in the market and overcome the pandemic. Bhanu Choudhrie, leader and founder of C&C Alpha Group, has used key business models to move his company through the crisis. Here are some key ways that can be replicated in other businesses to enable survival.

Changing the manner of how Investments are done

C&C Alpha Group functions to ensure strategic investments are made in industries with the potential to grow. Having subsidiaries like Alpha Aviation Group, means that Bhanu Choudhrie will need to be extra cautious while investing. Bhanu decided to take a more proactive approach that entails being part of the process of investing in a company.

This means his team of professionals become part and parcel of the company it chooses to invest in. Also, the company is very deliberate and conscious in whom they select to partner with. This is because with the pandemic, there needs to be less energy executed during the operation like helping established firms rise in new markets.

Focusing on more Established Businesses

C&C Alpha Group has been known for taking care of companies it has selected to invest with for longer periods of time. However, with the pandemic, Bhanu Choudhrie foresees that such ventures may be risky, especially in fields that have less establishment. Fields such as aviation bear a weightier financial burden to kick it off and hold the investment for longer periods.

Investment in Alpha Aviation Group

Bhanu Choudhrie envisions higher financial returns to be gained from his firm’s subsidiary Aviation Group. The pilot training service offered by Alpha Aviation Group has gained much popularity through the pandemic. The training has been essential in bringing about expert pilots and offering equal opportunity across all sectors. Bhanu Choudhrie has focused on maximizing the company’s relevance within different markets and ensuring they have consistent airlines. To know more click: here.