Bobby Kotick, the Founder of Activision Blizzard

Before joining the business industry, Bobby Kotick graduated from the University of Michigan, and he was among the best student during his time. He received numerous awards for his outstanding performance in schools and in the University. In 2016, Bobby received an award as the best executive manager. Despite the challenges he faced while building his company, Bobby Kotick still pushed through and made the best out of struggles.

Bobby Kotick is among the top successful business owner globally. If you love and enjoy playing video games, you have probably heard of him or played some of his video games. His extensive years in the video game make him the longest to ever serve as the executive officer in a video company. Bobby Kotick is the founder of Activision Blizzard, a video game company that publishes videos games including the call of duty, world of warcraft, Candy crush, Crash Bandicoot, among other lists of fun video games. Bobby Kotick also chairs in different companies, including The Coca-Cola Company, the Harvard West-lake School, and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

Bobby Kotick’s management skills improved the company’s profit to an estimated 71 billion $. Due to the economic changes taking place in the stock market, Activision Blizzard CEO had an increased gain in his company and made significant improvement in 2021. The industry experts reported that Bobby Kotick Company outperformed its competitors and made significant profit consecutively.

Bobby’s dedication and love towards his work made him build his empire. His company has recruited over 10,000 employees, and he also appears among the top 100 leaders in the media. In his recent statement, Bobby urged other business owners to love what they do and dedicate their all to their work. Start your work with passion and surround yourself with people you love working with.

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