ClassDojo: Great Business, Great Education

The Covid-19 pandemic brought dramatic changes to the communication styles and flow for all parents, teachers and students. Remote learning quickly became the mainstay for ensuring the education of all. While this required many adjustments, it also presented unsurpassed opportunities both for business and student success in and out of the classroom.

Parents and teachers must have a means to ensure the children are reaching their maximum potential and using all of the resources at their disposal. Without that critical knowledge, parents and teachers cannot help students make the right choices that will affect their entire lives. With this much at stake, it is no wonder that EdTech companies like ClassDojo are looking to fill the gaps.

Apps like ClassDojo offer teachers a way to build a relationship with the parents as well as the students. This creates a much more attuned environment that can be more customized to suit the student’s learning and home needs. By keeping a constant flow of back and forth information easily available, ClassDojo ensures that potential issues are caught early and students are able to build to their full potential.

Studies have shown that there is clear proof that greater parental involvement creates greater student successes. The apps like ClassDojo and others offer a way to reach the over fifty million users as a collaborative effort for students of all kinds.

This has become a booming success financially, as well, as the overall revenues for ClassDojo more than tripled. As more people continue to turn to educational tech platforms, this profit will likely only continue to skyrocket. This is certainly one of the best ways to combine great business with great educational achievements.

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